If the CFL returns to Ottawa in 2007...

I hope the name Rough Riders is restored. Any other name just seems wrong to me!!!

Not going to happen Mr. Chen will never release the name with out big bucks crossing his greedy hands.

Ah, good knowledge, didn't know that. What a shame. Well, if not Rough Riders...

Senators? Hey there were 2x St. Louis Cards

Otters? Er, hardly intimidaing.

East Riders?


Rough Riders all the way :thup:

I still expect it to be the Renegades.

Stick with the Renegades, the name wasn’t the problem in Ottawa or at the very best, the least of the problems there.

If they come back, Tom Wright should be made team president. That would bring credibility to the organisation and potential sponsors would know right away they'd get the appropriate bang for their bucks.

any thing but the riders like come on how many teams do we have we dont need reapeted names

Just pay Chen already... and if you don't like repeated names then get sask to switch.. Ottawa had it first.

Amen C4L!

But Saskatchewan could support their team enough so it would not disappear and lose its name. It's Saskatchewan's now.

It won 't be RRs.

I think because the League owns name, trademark etc that they would want team to be kept as Renegades. Leagues don't like teams being renamed every time there's no ownership.

However, if new owner wanted to ber sticky about coosing another name, they'd be silly to turn him down just for that.

Actually, not a bad idea Third.

Please do not bring Rough Riders back. Having teams with the same name will bring the CFL Bashers out of the wood work again. (I can hear Argo's Bill practicing his next bash already!)

Renegades name back, chage colors to Red and Gold. :slight_smile: and put the R back on the helmets.

this again?

keep the name renegades it sounds better than roughriders

nods his head uh huh.

Renegades sounds good to me, I agree with 3/10 Roughriders is ours now :rockin: , but the main thing is that they find good owners, so the fans will come back and support the team.

What will they do for players if Ottawa comes back? Just all based off scouting from America and the draft?

The GM would have to have been recently in the League and know what is going on.

The restocking thru a draft w/b paramount but you can't build a team that way. They'll have to input top-notch scouting system not only for US but CIS