If the CFL plans to expand again

Why don't we ask L.A. They have plans to build a new stadium. :lol:

Its not the expansion its the constantly new threads about the same old subject....There are dozens and dozens of them all naming the same cities over and over again...all with the same pro and con arguments This city is better, no stadium, to small of a population!

Its all a ridiculous argument because there is not a long list of Millionaires lining up to buy teams.

A lack of thread? You are not paying attention because there are 2 on this page, 3 on page 2 and 1 on page 3
Bottom line....you cram it

I'm guilty. I love expansion threads, most of my replies are on potential stadiums and stadiums that are being improved, that sort of thing. In fact I think I may be addicted to expansion. Even if we got a tenth team at the same time as Ottawa, that probably wouldn't be enough, I would probably want twelve. Maybe we should start a support group for us... In fact if there is enough of us, and we pooled our money maybe we can come up with the expansion fees for a moncton team.

Yes you’re right. Although I believe during the elections in Quebec City, they talked about a CFL Team. However, PEPS can’t house a CFL team and to me QC doesn’t seem like a city that has enough forward thinking to make it happen. Why can Winnipeg build a new arena but Quebec can’t? They’re the same size. Also the CFL would be a fully coast-to-coast league. You’d have metropolises such as Toronto and Montreal competing with great communities of Regina and Moncton, isn’t that what the CFL is about? The CFL belongs to each and every Canadian. It’s the only league that hasn’t been americanized and is about the integrity of the great sport. Also my home-province would be home to it’s own CFL team :smiley:

10 teams would be great

Why do you say they cant?
Winnipeg has a team QC does not. Spending money on a team that exists is not the same as spending it and hoping that someone else will invest in a team

Are you talking about a hokcey team or a CFL team?

PEPS would need a major upgrade but Laval university has plans to upgrade facilities and will be build some sort of complex adjacent to PEPS. I’ve been to PEPS and to me the foundation of Molson stadium is better, thus easier to upgrade.

On the hockey front Quebec had an AHL franchise that left a few years later (well hard to expect people to cheer for the Habs’ farm team, lol). They also have a Major Junior team, which is popular, the Remparts. Winnipeg has the Manitoba Moose, farm team of the Vancouver Canucks.

I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s a proposal in Quebec City to build a complex in a suburb, le Centre Nordik. It’d have retail, housing, a stadium and of course an arena. That stadium would be a more likely home of a CFL franchise. The project is private and I have no clue if it’ll ever see the day. If you look in the french boards you can see it in one of my posts.

Good on Moncton. When debating Frank clair Stadium, we used them as an example for people here who thought that thinking “big-time” meant replacing the stadium with a botanical garden. :expressionless:

I challenged one gentleman that I could name five famous stadiums for every famous botanical garden that he could name anywhere in the world. It wasn’t hard because 5 X 0 = 0. I might as well have challenged to name 500.

Have the Irvings ever shown an interest in owning a team in the maritimes or are they only ever mentioned because they’re wealthy? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really asking because I have no idea.

Agree on paper it should seem quite easy to make the playoffs with 6 out of 8 teams making it. But then, go ask the Renegade fans how easy it is to make the playoffs.

It took this long to find owners for Ottawa. It will take just as long if not longer to find owners for a place with no Stadium that hasn't shown interest yet.

Meh - playoffs are over-rated. There’s something to be said for consistency. None of this ‘up-one-year, down-the-next’ nonsense. No, when I buy tickets, I like to know what I’m going to get.

Playoffs? Who needs 'em?


NOAH MADD WONDERS - If Ottawa rejoins league, will another team joins to makes 10 teams shortly after?

NOAH MADD KNOWS - Topics like this have been oftens on forum but still

NOAH MADD LIKES - The Quebec City could haves a team, they could be the Quebecs Nordique. Just likes hockey team from 90s.

CHIEF - Me no likes expansion topics.

If you don't like expansion topics, don't read them or post in them.

It's just that simple.

Heck, I remember as a kid in high school I used to get through boring classes by jotting down on paper mock CFL teams and divisions, etc.

At first, I thought Moncton was crazy. I mean, why go to Moncton? Doesn't Halifax seem more logical? Then, you realise what Moncton's got going for it...

  1. It's centrality in terms of geography (if this team is going to be a regional team, then Moncton makes more sense)

  2. A real stadium that is being built that is obviously being built with CFL expansion in mind

  3. The biggie...people in power in Moncton and NB are actually talking CFL and saying they want a team. We're not hearing that out of Halifax!

If you want to talk about expantion fine…No one is stopping you but when there are already 3 threads on the front page its redicilous.
It does 2 things

  1. It causes people to post the same thing over and over again instead of having 1 easy flowing conversation.
  2. It causes other threads to be bumped down the page for nothing.

Its that simple

The Public wants expansion.
Although I truly think that a 10 team league would be perfect - No more than 10 is necessary.

10 is perfect. No more.

After Ottawa returns in 2010, expansion to 12 teams is quite possible by 2015. The Cities with the best chances are Quebec City, Moncton, NB and London, ON.
Based on Population(2006), Stadium and Univ./Semi-Pro./CJFL
Q.C. - 690,000 Pop., Le Peps - 18,000+, U.of Laval
Moncton, NB (Prov.team) Prov. 750,000 Pop., New Stadium - 8,500+ perm., MFL-Moncton Marshals & Riverview Mustangs
London, ON 450,000 Pop., TD WaterHouse 8,000+, Western U. & CJFL London Beefeaters
Then by 2025, 10 years later, Expansion to 14 teams is possible with Victoria, BC and Halifax, NS.
Victoria, BC 330,000 Pop., New Stadium(Langford) 7,000+ New home for CJFL Victoria Rebels
Halifax, NS 330,000 Pop., Huskies Stadium- 9,000+, St.Mary's U. Huskies

Expansion threads always talk about cities. Expansion itself, though, consists of 2 elements. One element is an owner (or ownership group) willing to back a team with money and effort. The other element is a large enough fan base that wants a team to a sufficient degree that the owner or OG feels money can be made by satsifying this desire.

I first read about Halifax getting a team in 1984 in the pages of Street & Smiths Pro Football Preview Magazine, which centered on the NFL but also included an annual look at the CFL season ahead. That expansion team fell through, & never even played a game, for reasons I no longer recall & arent important now.

What IS important now though is that almost a quarter century has passed & in that time Halifax has done nothing at all. No owner or OG has ever emerged. No stadium adequate for CFL play was ever built. There appears to be no great public outcry or desire for CFL football. A lot of people might enjoy it if it came, but it would seem there is no core group of fans so rabid about the thought, as to act to relentlessly to drive it forward.

The CFL will expand one day beyond the historical 9 cities that have traditionally made up the membership. It will expand somewhere where my 2 "elements" above in in force. Where the people, the government and an owner or OG all act together and say "We ARE getting it done!" Not where they look for reasons to NOT do it. You can always find those. Or look for other pretexts to provide them a Stadium. If the love of and desire for the game itself arent strong enough , and/or the economics behind it arent sufficient to make a profit then it wont ever happen anyway.

Cheers to the people and governement of Moncton. From what I read here, although the Stadium is ostensibly for track & field, it appears they really want it for the CFL & I hope an owner or group emerges to capitalize on the interest. Without the interest, you have no chance anyway. Better small Moncton with genuine interest & desire, backed with action than larger Halifax, Windsor, Quebec City, (Insert your favorite candidate here) not moving forward to act on the wish for a team.

Any rich owner(s) in or around Moncton that can buy and run the team?
What about corporate sponsors in the area?