If the CFL plans to expand again

If they plan to expand again and put a team in Ottawa. Can they please do two things.

a) Make sure its viable and the ownership group doesn't fail it again.

b) Have some kind of league revenue sharing plan to ensure that teams can handle the rough start and bad periods.

c) Have a modest expansion fee, not one that is so gigantic because let's be honest not a lot of expansion teams have survived in the CFL so where's the justification in that.

d) Expand by two teams, not just Ottawa because a 9 team league it just a joke.

The league needs to get to 10 teams and then think maybe ten years after to go to 12. Right now, this 6 teams of 8 making the playoffs is a joke. It reduces the meaning of the regular season. It's just saying, as long as you're not the last team, you're ok. If it was a rec league, fine, it's for fun and pretty much everyone makes the playoffs. But this is intense competition. Make fighting for a playoff spot more meaningful.

I love watching the CFL. I just want them to starting looking at growing and being a bigger presence.

Well first the league does revenue share..., second as has been said a million times, there needs to be a stadium for a team to use, right now Ottawa is the only place that sort of has a viable stadium.

Don't you mean 4 things...? :expressionless:

Don't you want to contribute more than that? I'm sure he can see his own mistake.


I think op looks like a future CFL commish

I have contributed more... Do a search for Expansion. :wink:

If there was some way to make a million people move to Moncton maybe they could expand to 10 teams. I will move so we just need 999 999 more people ...anyone else.

I'm sure that one day there will be a tenth team somewhere. It might take another 20 years or more though.

I hope not rpaege, I'm hoping something can get set up for Atlantic Canada sooner rather than later. I really think they would rally around that team!

I do too but there seems to be a can't do attitude, especially in Halifax. I'm not sure about Moncton (I've never been there), but it seems too small like Bobby says.

Personally I would love to see Québec or London.

This makes sense, except playoff games generate $$$. Maybe the league could take the top 5 teams and a 6th if that team is at or above .500, of course that means teams 7 and 8 would have terrible records. But the CFL is slow to change.

the moncton area right now probbaly hads a population of about 120 000 to 130 000 people…i dont know if its big enough to support a team, or if the people will stay interested in it…i know moncton does have alot of avid football fans, it was when i moved to moncton that i got into fottball…now i live in edmonton and everyone knows edmonton can support it…i would love to see a 12 team league within the next 6 to 10 years…i doubt it would happen that quick because noone wants to jump into things that may not work (CFL USA) but 12 teams would be a great fit…make it alot more entertaining and more teams…my 12 team league would look like this(open for discussion)
3.Quebec City


since it will probably be another 3-5 years before the Ottawa project is complete, Mr. Cohon should strongly pursue a 2nd team to enter the league in 2011-2012 with ottawa. he has the time, and it will save the unbalanced conferences. i think until that time the crossover rule should be eliminated, that rule is meant for unbalanced conferences. we need that 10th team to go along with ottawa, halifax, QC or London, someone has to put in a bid for the commonwealth games or something. there must be some private investors somewhere. they are really taking their time with ottawa, and i believe it is enough time to grant a 10th franchise to one of the 3 cities mentioned above.

I am not seeing this.

It has to happen, two teams coming in at once.
Mark recently said this was his mandate and apparently is the push from the BOG's.

Ok Ill buy a team if you promise to stop the expansion threads....deal?

Ah cram it, ro1313, there's been an alarming lack of expansion threads recently, something I find friggin astounding during the off-season. Throw us dreamers a friggin bone!

I'm with ro...this is old and tiresome.

Since NAFTA includes Mexico (so Mexico is our trading partner), and since Mexico shares a continent with us (so we share time zones), and since the NFL has eyed Mexico City but hasn't gone there yet, I propose that we expand the CFL to create a southern division in Mexico. We have Mexico City for one obvious franchise, what cities should be the other 3 or 4 franchises?


RO1313 - perhaps you have a suggestion? :slight_smile:

I'm solidly behind Moncton.

  1. Only city (besides Ottawa) with politicians daring to speak in favour of the CFL.

  2. Only city building some semblance of a stadium, a $21M 8500 seater designed to host a large variety of events. Early indications are that it'll be concrete, and all permanent seats will be in one grandstand, perfect for expansion.

  3. While small, Moncton has big city ambitions, with huge economic growth and construction, voted the most business-friendly city in Canada, if not North America. Location is perfect, right in the middle of the maritimes, i hear there's 1.5M people within 2hr drive.

  4. Two rich families, the McCains and Irvings, to serve as potential owners. My money's on Robert Irving, who currently owns the Moncton Wildcats QMJHL team. The Irvings are big on integration and hate competition, and if Jeff Hunt sees potential synergies with his '67s team, so might the Irvings.