If the CFL expanded ...? Just for fun!

What city would you like to see and what would you name them?

Oh dear! :roll:

Just for fun? Ok.

Mississauga Rattlesnakes.

re-Mississauga Rattlesnakes.
thats a great idea-seriously :wink: how about London leopards , or Halifax Drifters :stuck_out_tongue:

Nanaimo Otters

Ottawa Rough Riders :thup:

okanogan rough riders

saskatoon saskquatch

Thunder bay lightning.

churchhill priests

Oh, i don't know.... LONDON PIKEMEN!!!

Yay!!! Another of my least favorite types of threads!

ahh, shudup and play along ya grouchy stuck in the mud :lol:

Halifax Machines

London Limies

Halifax Hookers

St Johns Sinners

Moncton Marionettes

Atlantic Schooners...

Medicine Hat Racks
Whitehorse Flies
Yellowknife Attack
Windsor Knots

Motorcity Demolition (Windsor)
Detroit Demolition
Motorcity Madmen (Windsor, Detroit)

Victoria Black Bears - I think they have black bears there. Team Colours Blue White Yellow after their flag.

Le Quebec Roys (Quebecois) - Special guest owner: Patrick Roy!!!!

Oakville Leaves?