If the CFL did go back to Ottawa...

Where would they get all their players from??

NFL Europe players without jobs, CIS and NCAA.

Out of the goodness of my heart, we would send them Dave Dickenson!

Also, the current teams would have to expose players for them to choose from.

Ya mean like in flashing


I'll stomach it if there's a dance team draft!

But seriously, I doubt it would be much different than the last expansion draft, with maybe more QB options.

...an 'expansion draft' is probably the most likely thing to happen...each current team would 'protect' say three or four players and leave every other player 'exposed' for each round of the draft....in the second round the 'protected' first round players would remain protected and another three or four players would be protected and so on until the expansion team has gone through every other teams roster....the remaining spots on the expansion team would be filled with FA signings and regular signings from scouting activities....

If the CFL did go back Ottawa…

…I’d laugh, because it’s not gonna last. It will just end up causing the league and its teams $$$. IMO, if they are gonna do it they have to wait 5 years. The CFL itself needs to be very strong so that they can absorb the potential costs and consequences. I mean, the CFL has bringing in the Benjamins lately, so why jeopardize that?

I mean, the CFL has bringing in the Benjamins lately, so why jeopardize that?
bringing in the what?

Money. :wink:

better. borden must have cringed as much as i did reading that post.

Bordens are worth more than Benjamins, so why would we want that funny Yankee stuff....

not to mention bringing in the Bordens doesnt have the same ring to it as Benjamins... And you have to admit one would sound pretty dumb if they said, "Im bringing in the Bordens!"

Besides, US money is more internationally accepted, if you will. Right? Definately. And I Am Canadian...