If the Cats were a hockey team

One-third of this CFL has now been played and the Cats have won one game. If this was a NHL team, they'd have won 4 of their first 27 games. I can't imagine any coach in that situation not trying the backup goalie if only to give the starter a break but also with the hope that maybe the guy could spark a win somehow.

I guess Taafe never coached hockey otherwise Chang would've started a game by now.

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Oy Vey!

Hello Mr. Apple, meet Mr. Orange. Now let's compare you two and see what we come up with!

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LMAO!!! PW you kill me.

I understand what you're trying to say BF, but the backup goalie is not likely to get absolutely creamed by a 300lb lineman if you put him in net. :wink:

You've obviously never played net when the opposition is crashing the net

if the cats were a hockey team. we’d have a completely different roster, equipment, probably even city to play in, oh heck. someone wake this man up.
we know we know, if they were a golf team they’d be +10 or if they were bowlers they’d be bowling a 12. eitherway you’re not helping

They'd be the Maple Leafs. Losing and still filling the building..

As my name may indicate....I have, and I have the concussions to prove it unfortunately...that's a whole different story.

Back to the original topic at hand Hockey and Football in the ratio terms of records extrpolated by Barnyfife have noting to do with each other. I could go on and on explaining the differences, suffice to say the backup situation has been beaten to death and the backups in Hockey and Football are in totally differnt situations, team record not withstanding.

Perhaps I was being too specific in using hockey for a comparison. My point was that in any sport, a team that has started off as badly as the Cats have (and on pace for a 3-15 season) would've tried to change things up. To be fair, they did make lot of personnel changes to start the year and during the season they have moved guys in and out of eg. the secondary. However, Maas has obviously struggled this year. I'm hoping that the coaches will sit him down for a game or two and hand the ball to one of the backups. No one (not even the coaches) know what they can do in a game despite what they see in practice. It might even be beneficial to Maas who is looking kind of shell shocked. Even with a win, I wouldn't be against going back to Maas. However, I can see that the status quo is not getting it done.

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Every team needs a sure hands go-to guy for the QB. Maas does not presently have that luxury. Last game Taaffe gave Bauman an opportunity to apply for the job, and he failed the test. Next!


different styles of coaching will give you different results with good arguments either way.
so lets go hockey

goalie a starts the season. the team isnt doing very good. infact they're 2-20

now the offence isnt producing
the defence cant handle the entire work load
and the goalie is under alot of presure to stop the extra 30 shots his team is giving up

so do you pull the goalie or not?
if yes - your backup could turn the team around and produce that extra confidene in the team.
if no- you stick with your roots, a plan that should work with minor changes here and there.

the factor: does the team play better with the backup. if yes. the losses are the teams fault not the first goalie.
if no. then they continue to lose games with their backup playing and their starter earning a ton of money to sit on his rump.

ive said it before a million times. it doesnt take 1 man to win games. leave maas in