If the Cats place, will you show?

IF the cats place in this year’s big game, will you make an appearance in Calgary....
-I will!!!

You better have your tickets now ....

Place where?

In second?

To the home playoff game?

I'd prefer they win, rather than place or show.

No but I will definately watch the game

No The Trip would cost to Much ..
I'll wait till Back in East in Toronto or Montreal or One Day Hamilton

Have money in a separate account just incase....

If they make it too the big game im going to try go, just need to convince my buddy.
and it wont be hard to grab tickets online.

I'd be there.

And you're have no problem getting tickets, unless Calgary was in it.

Cannot make it for many reasons so we are planning a Grey Cup Outdoor Hot Tub & BBQ . Just need to get a length of cable to run the satellite receiver outside to the 42" Big Screen.

I'd love to depending on the money situation, we have spent some on some house upgrades this past year.

I usually try to go to one game a year. This year I'm taking a big risk by assuming a home playoff date...

I'm assuming the Eastern Final will be in Montreal.... GOING???? :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I'll be there!!! :rockin:

I'm also assuming it will be in the big "O"...and tickets could be on sale already???

Got my ticket and flight already! If we are in it its just a bonus! I am always ready for the big game where ever it is. There is a west westjet seat sale on flights so everyone can afford it too! The game is sold out but there will be tickets there for alot of money. Got mine and ready for the party!

once we upset montreal in the east final there will a lot of grey cup tickets available.flight hotel would worry me more.