If the Bombers lose...

Do you think that Mike Kelly will have a temper tantrum and be given a permanent TIME-OUT by Lyle Bauer?
Thinking longterm, it would be worth it for the Bombers to throw this last game against the Puttytats:lol:

Trying to speak totally neutral here, the Bomber's probably would've been a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better team if Kelly weren't HC, OC, GM, Waterboy, trainer, head chef, etc. Win or lose this guy needs to be turfed if you guys want a realistic chance of being an eastern powerhouse.

I told papa I have tickets to the game. Glenn is coming to town to exact revenge on Kelly. Many ex Bombers as well . Greg Marsgall the man not good enough to be HC by Bauers standards. This will be most exciting game all season and with the drama. Glenn is hot and will light up scoreboard he has something to prove. Bauers beard and Dans TV will go up in flames. Bombers will lose, Bishop is to inconsistent. Not hot like Glenn. Let excitement begin. YEEEEEEEEE. HAW.

A loss has it's benefits too, as in changes will come to plug the holes. This team isn't built to win it all right now anyways.

....neither are the Cats... :wink: I like our chances... :thup:...For those not convinced ...come out to the park...Just something to keep in mind for tomorrow.....Picture the play in last years crossover game against the esks....Recall the dump pass over the middle that was picked off by Fred Perry that pretty well finished the year for the BigBlue....Who was on the Bombers o line ...lets see.....Goodspeed and Gauthier as i remember....same guys that are on Glenns o line tomorrow.....hmmmmmmmmmmm :lol: GOBIGBLUE.... :rockin:

How about we start with being one of six of eight teams to make the post season ?

Bombers lose tomorrow, team has regressed
Bombers win tomorrow but lose the semi at home, they are even with last year.
Bombers win any games in the playoff, they are improved.

This organization needs an enema: Bauer, Kelly Bishop, the OC, etc.
Let the SH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T hit the fans!!!

Bishop was awful today, but the Bombers were badly out coached in this one too.

There were no half time adjustments on either offence and defence.

Now that the season is finally over, I can drop the rah rah act.

Kelly and his staff were another big mistake by Bauer.

I think the Bomber fans will suffer for the next few years , new coach and total rebuild of the team . Thankyou for coach Marshall , and the rest of the ex - peg crew . Pigseye , I smell fear ! :lol: :rockin: :twisted:

I'm guessing that Mike Kelly's idea of a 2nd half adjustment is scratching his balls :lol:

absolutely Piggy

and the bolded is a very real possibility

in hindsight, Kelly made a lot of dumb arse decisions that cost this offence big time

we had a chance to have that dynamic duo of Glenn to Bruce... smart man to pass those guys up, he really ruined a good team

Missed Joe Smith down the stretch this year, boy is reid ever frustrating... easilly the second most frustrating player on the field, most frustrating off the field

I hate that we are stuck with Kelly, because we are still paying Berry... i really dont want to go through this again next year.... but it looks like im gonna have to

And to think Bruce wasn't good enough to play in Toronto.Well good enough to remain despite his little outburst I mean. I guess 1,200+ receiving yards and 10 TD's isn't good enough for the 3-15 blew team :lol: