If the Argo franchise folded

Ok, would people be happy if we and other teams kept beating the Argos all the time that no one showed up for games in Argoland and the frachise went belly up? We just ran them out of existence, sort of like war, ran them into the ground and that is that.

The Argos would really SU(K

If the Argos folded, all would be good in this world!

Go Cats Go


Every hero needs a foe.

This is a fantastic thread.

Much as the idea makes me chuckle, it would be the end of the league if another team folded.

I think it would look bad on the league if a city with 2 million people couldnt support a team.

Ye and if they did fold we would have no rivalry games

Why would you want the blue team to fold?

What would be done with all the Argos Suck buttons?

Who would we play on Labour Day?

Who would we cheer against with passion?

The rivalry is one of the best things about being a TiCat fan.

It's great seeing their fans at IWS, their band, the party atmosphere, the elation when we beat their smart-arses back up the QE to hog-town.

Yep, I'd miss them huge. Long live the blue team...perpetually two points behind us in the standings...hosting Grey Cups that we win...turning a light teal in envy.

It took them how long to learn a two syllable cheer?

Admit it, it's a good cheer. I used to love hearing it in Rich Stadium, before I got sick of the NFL.

What do you mean “kept beating the Argos”? You gotta start first!

Seriously though, I think the whole league was on the brink when both our clubs just about went under a few years ago. Thank goodness we both survived with much stronger ownership coming on board. (Thx Bob, David and Howard!)

As stated already, we all need are arch-nemesis, so hopefully we’ll both be around strong and proud for many more years to come.

Argo cheer at Rich stadium? That would be great, I used to love hearing it at Maple Leaf Gardens, especially during the Ballard years! :smiley:

The League would plainly go a long looong way to prevent this from happening.

But just to play along the fantasy for a moment, I cannot think what the TSN/CBC hosts and playcasters would be left to say...

What they said. Exactly.

I’ll just say this…

anyone else notice how the Robin Hood story kinda goes all craptastical like after Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham get arrested/dead…

Lifter wrote:

But just to play along the fantasy for a moment, I cannot think what the TSN/CBC hosts and playcasters would be left to say...
True enough for sure. I suppose that's the difference between sports and war, in sports you really do want your arch rivals to be there even if you want to beat up on them often, whereas in war, I think often you want your enemies killed, all of them, out of existence. Very different things.

If the Argos folded, The TiCats would have to play in the Western Conference.

An Argo fan

Without the Leaky Boatmen who would we throw insults at, the Bommers just dont do it for me. It just has to be the Boatmen.

Every hero (Tiger-Cats) needs a villain (blue team).

George Orwell might disagree with you...

we've always been at war with Eurasia...

we've always been at war with Eastasia....