IF the Als have a home game for the playoffs will you go?

will you go, I'm still not sure

Absolutely. Besides, to host a playoff game, they will need to stay ahead of Toronto and to do that, they will need to turn it around.

No Ive already paid enough money to see Popp hijack a good team

thats wy the IF was in capitals lol

I hope they get a home date cause the fans voice will be heard... if there are 36 000 people sitting in the big O maybe they'll get it...Its hard for the message to be heard when your playing in a 20 000 seat stadium with a 5000 potential customer waiting list....

Yup. It's to be expected. Jock Climie was right when he questioned the sincerity of Montreal fans in TSN broadcast earlier this year.
Things are not going well and the rats are already abandoning the ship.


I'm a fan. Not a bangwagon jumper like most Montreal sport fans!

Its not jumping on and off the bandwagon I still like the team and want them to win I do not want ot invest my time and money in a loser though. There is only one way for a fan to spur change in an orginization and that is not giving them any money.

They get my money again when the team has a real coach and OC until then Im not gonna support poor decisions

Not showing up, and supporting them. That would be real attracting to players who are offereed contracts to play with Montreal.

Why do you think the Canadians can sign so few free agents?
None of them want to come here and have to put up with the press and fickle fans.

Right on!

Exactly what I wanted to say, but didn't, in case I offend some people.

At the same time no athlete is a bigger celebrity than one that plays at a high level consistently. When was the last time anyone booed cahoon

-Highest ticket prices in the CFL.
-80some consecutive sellouts
-Most corporate sponsorship in the league
-Highest TV ratings in the league (RDS+TSN combined)
-One of the highest payrolls in the league the last 10 years.
Little to no rent
Renovations paid from public purse
Biggest Grey Cup Crowds

Yeah the Als have had it real hard in Montreal LOL!

  • Selling out a CIS football stadium, amazing. When the Als were 12-4, they got 50,000 fans in a meaningless game at the big owe. Last year, the Als were 10-8, in a MEANINGFUL game, they got 30,000 fans.

  • Highest TV Rating. I watch every game on TSN, I'm sure lots of other fans do. Combining another chanel, obviously will have more viewers.

  • One of the highest payrolls in the past 10 years. Don't forget that 1 Grey Cup championship.

  • Biggest Grey Cup crowds. Big Owe vs Canad Inn Stadium, I wonder how?

You're right, Cahoon was never booed. But if he kind of he falls away from what he is, then it will happen. Who would of thought Jose Theodore and Anthony Calvillo would be booed?

And rightly so supporting loser behavior leads the loser to believe there is nothing wrong with them and if they dont know there is something wrong then they will never change and they need to change

At least they show up, pay their 80.00 or 150.00 in the case of the Habs games. So if they want to boo that's their right as far as I am concerned.

The alternative is fans stop showing up...which in turn causes sponsors to stop taking your calls and management telling the players they can't get that new contract or raise...and owners to lose interest in their toy/tax shelter.

Are Montreal fans harsh and fickle? Absolutely but they are no different then fans in other cities where competition is high for entertainment dollars and since they pay the bills, salaries, plane tickets, meals on the road, uniforms,stadium renovations,chearleader pompoms,dj and the guy in the bird suit, owners's profits, condo,vehicle,travel,entertainment.


Anyway they are the last link in the chain. When things go south, Fans Boo big deal! Owners can sell or fold, players sign elsewhere. Fans can either boo or stay away. Which would you prefer?

When a team is losing everbody hurts. So you can call them "rats" all you want but in the end fans call the shots. Fans didn't like the Don Matthews firing or spin put on it. They didn't like Popp appointing himself coach,they didn't like the Bellefeuille promotion, QB backup situation for years..., they didn't like Wettenhaul's treatment of Tom Wright and I can go on and on add to that the team's landlord isn't pleased getting 2.7 million dollar invoices in default for five freakin years.

So this organisation chose not to listen to its fans that's THEIR RIGHT but don't go blaming the "rats" For Oh my god ! Booing...

Blame management/ownership for breaking the "toy/tax shelter".

not me. I’m a football fan, but at the same time I’m supposed to be entertained, which I can be whether we win or lose. But with this bunch I am rarely entertained even if we win. It has nothing to do with jumping ship-- I was at Molson Stadiumn as a kid when we beat Hamilton 82-14 in 1956. And I was at the autostade to watch our dual QB’s taking the snap under the center. So I’ve always been there even when we sucked.
There were times when the team was bad because of incompetent management. But this is different. This is pure arrogance and there seems to be no way to get the message across. To me the only way is to stay away.

You know you cant be great every year. Theres at least 3 cities to the west of you that would switch places with you in an instant.

You cant be the best every year the team needs to be at the very least good. Mediocrity is not something that is acceptable nor something that should be encouraged especially mediocrity without signs of improvement.

It does not matter that there are teams below us that would rather have our record what matters is that there are some that would rather not and theres more that would rather not at this point and that is a problem