If someone said on Thursday July 28, 2011?

On Thursday July 28,2011 the B.C. Lions dropped their 5th straight game and were 0-5. If someone told you that the Lions would finish in 1st place in the West, have a bye and host the Western Final on November 20, 2011 would you have believed them?

It would be hard to believe wouldn’t it? There were many who were calling for Buono’s head. Some wanted to run Travis Lulay out of town. Others were critical of Chapdelaine and Benevides. Many figured the Lions O Line just did not have what it takes to give the QB protection [ooops, I was one of those lol]. But a little over 3 months later and the Lions have captured the coveted top spot and are on the cusp of hosting the 2011 Grey Cup having demolished the Alouettes 43-1. It is not just that they won. It is how they won!

The B.C. Lions did not finish in First Place because they played injured teams or weaker teams on a given night. Other teams have played weaker teams. The Lions have had their fair share of injuries [ Hunt, Foster, Lulay, Elimimian, Brown, Harris ]. The Lions did not win because of poor officiating. They did not win because the Alouettes were playing with their 2nd or 3rd stringer QB.

The Lions won because they are the best team in the entire CFL! More importantly the Lions came out of their final season ender relatively healthy. Lulay’s injury is minor and will not be an issue. Brown once again played like he was possessed. Elimimian made his presence known and Harris scored 3 TD’s. What do all of these players have in common? They all suffered injuries recently. And they are back playing at the top of their game!

At first I was hoping the Lions faced Edmonton on November 20 because I believe the Lions have the Eskies number. Tate, the Stampeders new starting QB is scary and guys like Cornish and Rambo can make life miserable. But then we have Harris, Gore, Bruce, Brown, Simon and of course Lulay. Me thinks the Lions will show Tate et al a thing or two should these two teams meet.

The B.C. Lions have an excellent chance of winning their 6th Grey Cup on Sunday November 27.

Greatest turnaround miracle in CFL history when BC improved from worst to first. Although playoff teams are close in points, BC is the closest team to being a clearcut favourite.

the beast must feast

Ever since I attended a practice after the Winnipeg loss before the Road game at Edmonton BC went on a crazy roll.

This might be the best turnaround in Football history, a 1-7 team winning the Western Conference--

As I stated earlier in the year about Winning 1 on 1 battles-- Well lets just say basically we won almost every battle on every down the last 10 games--

Having KHALIF MITCHELL in the middle started the RUN because he is way too strong and physical for the CFL interior O lineman, he is as dominant as CAM WAKE was. Kreem Smith is a solid pass rusher, quick, fast , hustles--

Eliminean was destroying people with hits along with REDDICK the former Miami Hurricane known for hard hits--

What happened is that BC got way stronger and bigger on Defense- We had an attitude with hard hittters and veteran defenders--

The receiving core is cleary the best in CFL-- Gore's development is crucial as both Simon and BRUCE are amazing, Kierre JOhnson provides a big play ability and a potential nice option as a receiver--

With Lulay now scrambling a lot and making defenses react and react to his running its hard to stop us--

ANdrew Harris- This guy might be the best open field runner in the CFL- I think he might be better than JON CORNISH of CGY- Harris has tremendous speed- I dont think anyone can catch him from behind-- He had good hands--

For those who dont know Harris, he was a junior star and I think a huge weapon for BC- He is super fast with a low centre of gravity and amazing speed with shifty moves--

The O line has improved a lot and gives LULAY the time to throw--

This is defintely our GREY CUP-- The only hurdle will be Calgary- I can guarantee you that Ricky RAY and EDMONTON will lose to Calgary- Ray is washed up and Edmonton is on the decline-- Calgary is hot also with TATE the Great but I feel home field and the fact that I dont think Calgary Defense is as good as ours will give us a 6 point win over CALGARY in the west division final---

The reason we will win the WEST division final is because TATE is too small- He is really smart really good but BC is going to make him look 5'2. He will not be able to see over Mitchell blasting through the middle of the pocket- He will get passes tipped and the Lions will rough him up--
Tate has small hands also which was clear with his fumbling the snap and whiffing on throws because his hands are not big-

I have the recipe to beat TATE anyway, its the exact same Recipe to beat Drew Brees in the NFL- You need a pass rush with the front 4- Then the Defense has to take his first looks away which is the quick outs, the quick hooks away from TATE forcing him to hold onto the ball- THen we need to SACK him or force him to throw the ball where he is not comfortable throwing the ball--

You do not blitz TATE, as he is too smart and will throw a nice deep ball and burn you. You do not play off coverage vs TATE because he has the ability to throw the 7-8 yards passes all the way down the field-- You just rush Tate hard, play good fundamental zone coverage behind the pass rush and jump the short routes--- You take away what TATE likes to do-- Tate lkes to go short a few passes then he will go deep on the OUTSIDE of the field-- TATE rarely goes deep up the middle of the field and that is because he is not TALL and smaller QBS will throw deep on the corners--

Tate is good at throwing the deep corners and the stop and go routes on the sidelines- He throws a lot of loft of his deep passes much like RICKY RAY--

The key to beating TATE will be to study film and understand that this guy is a DREW BREES clone, he actually studies Brees and throws the ball the same way Brees throws it. Watching teams in the NFL that stop Brees would be a good idea, because they are the same QB--

Although I am confident BC will beat CGY in the West div final, legitimate concern has to be addressed due to the fact that BC at home has always had close games vs CGY and that was with arguably the worst thinking QB in CFL history HENRY BURRIS as QB. Bc barely beat CGY when they had no offense, and now they have TATE who can score points vs us? You have to think that CALGARY is more dangerous than they were with BURRIS at QB-- However I think we will study film and Tate would pose us problems if he was 3 to 4 inches taller, I think we can take the middle of the field away from him with the GIGANTIC MITCHELL coming up the middle forcing him to throw to the outsides which makes our Defense cheat away from the middle and pay more attention to the flats where TATE will be looking because he wont be able to set his feet and throw vs the middle of our defense because MItchell will be blasting up the middle--

Did anyone see Calvillo or RAY completing passes up the middle vs us in the DOME? Not really as they dont have the pocket to step up and throw it--
We must make TATE move around and let him know early that he will not be able to stand in the pocket and throw up the middle---

IF we take the middle of the field away from TATE we will WIN THE GAME--

Tate will be running and scrambling all game which is not his strength--

No doubt I would not have believed it, but having said that, it was obvious to me this team was far better than their record indicated. The games they lost were close, they made a lot of mistakes due to inexperience and have had a tendency to start slow for the last few seasons.

I`m certainly not that surprised that this team is hosting a playoff game. This is a really good team and once they gelled, they started to roll.