if simoni would have just taken the suspension. He would have missed tor, mtl.

Now hes going to miss winnepeg and sas. Good call apealing the late hit. I think you should have just taken your medicine and missed tor, mtl. we didn’t need much help to beat those guys.

One could argue that divisional games are much more important. I suspect he didn’t know we would beat Toronto by 50 when he chose to appeal.

we always slam toronto their our punching bag. cant wait for labour day weekend!

with simoni suspension its not likely we will beat winnepeg. At least we have home field advantage

One player does not make a team, we will be fine.

It’s a lot of money out of his pocket. He was right to appeal. Not his fault the process took so long. Blame the CFL & CFLPA. His absence will not be the reason we win or lose the next two games.

That’s true. Rest up Simoni, learn from this and come back and play stronger.

Simoni had to appeal , he did for two or three good reasons , the CFL Owners agreed to this appeal process etc etc.

Do regular season wins & losses really matter as long as you finish with home field advantage ?

Yes they matter , didn’t Cowtown go undefeated only to lose the big game ?

I’m an Ambroise fan ,best Commissioner in decades , we’ve had some Toronto commissioners who were just as good as the Arblows in suits ,next to useful!

I would say a couple factors played into the appeal.

Thought he might only lose 1 game pay cheque instead of 2 if league lightened the sentence.
If he got nicked/injured playing drop the appeal and heal up.

We lost to Mtl and Simoni was playing.
We will not lose to Winnipeg because Simoni is not there; we will lose to Winnipeg, if our offense takes whole quarters off, like they have done in the last two games.
Winnipeg has good special teams and we can not expect two tds from our special teams like we got in last game.
Both teams will want to prove that they can beat a good team and not just celler dwellers.

It takes a whole team to win or lose a game not just one player!!!

That being said he is a huge player for the Cats

but I have faith, they can pull out this win!!!

Ticats proved that last game

He sure helps us win but our serious immediate problem is our offense, coaching calls? Our offensive coach must be out of the 60’s with Masoli holding the ball too long and the little wide outs almost every play…and we don’t want to start about the bonehead up the middle plays at the goal lines.

How is our terrible offense managing to lead the league in scoring (60 pts more than any other team in the east), and averaging over 37 points per game?

That’s where you have to be careful with stats, Tommyboy. Over a hundred of those points came in only two games, Toronto and the first Montreal game. Also, total points can be deceiving, as the differential can be important. A 18 - O win is maybe more indicative of domination than a 36-35 win?

But, you make a solid point, IMO, although some posters have indicated they feel that we have mostly played against second rate defences, and accounts for inflated scores.

Even when you compare based on median points scored per game, we still compare pretty well. Same thing when you compare on minumum points scored per game. The bigger concern is the other one you acknowledged: have we been catching a break due to soft schedule and injury to opposing QBs? Also need to remember that the values below are for the whole team, not the offense alone.

Median points per game:
edm 32
ssk 32
wpg 31
ham 30
cgy 28
mtl 25
bc 23
ott 19
tor 16

Minimum points per game:
wpg 28
ham 23
cgy 23
edm 10
ssk 10
mtl 10
tor 7
bc 6
ott 1

When you look at the official league stats for offense, HAM has 141 points from offense (2nd behind Winnipeg’s 153). HAM’s average of 28.2 offensive points per game is second to Winnipeg’s 30.6. Still a good news story, but the numbers you gave above are incorrect if we’re talking specifically about the offense.

Edit: And comparing to the east, the 2nd highest scoring offense is MTL, with 126 (only 15 points behind us), averaging 25.2 points per game.

Any way you slice it, they’re outscoring everyone, including almighty Reilly and the Lions.
Every time special teams return one for a touchdown that’s a missed possession for the offence. They might have marched and scored too for all we know.

When you are putting up numbers like that, offence just isn’t a problem.

Im super pumped for this game. Its going to be some epic football. I’m hopeful the ticats will prevail. Last year we beat them during the live mic night. Masoli made them look foolish. I hope we can do it again!