if setta leaves...

i guess he's got a little under a month left to go to
sign in the other league(nfl)and if he does, this would be a perfect time to change the ratio and bring in an equally talented, if not better-canadian kid to IWS.
if you can get his over-inflated head through the gates,they should aggressively pursue a guy who's been effectively blacklisted in the nfl,but as he'll tell you he's the best percentage kicker in nfl history.
oakville guy and also gets to wear his #-13.

just a thought.

We don't need his ego and pretty frosted tipped hair on our team, thanks.

citylegend wrote about Nick Setta: "i guess he's got a little under a month left to go to
sign in the other league(nfl)and if he does etc"

citylegend:....don't even think about it!!!!! We need him.

Setta dosn't seem set to leave. He feels hes found a home.

Coughlin may want to hire Setta (after he strangles Lawrence Tynes after the Super Bowl).

I think it would take a big offer before Setta leaves, but you never know.

I hopw we have a good kicker next year. If a Canadian isavailable that can do as well as Setta I'd say goodbye imediately. Presently I don't see that guy hanging around anywhere

I hope O'bie signs him soon. Not the time to be cheap Bob. After all, we have that surplus of funds from the ticket price increase!!

He'll probably strangle who ever does the reconstructive surgery on his face first.

How about Steve Christie? :slight_smile:

Then who punts?
Mike could easily find a job in the NFL for upwards of $500,000 if he still wanted to kick.
Coming to Hamilton for $100,000 does not sound that appealing. And at this stage I for one would not see MV as an upgrade.
2 years ago his leg was considered too weak for NFL kickoffs, I wonder what it is like now?
He might get beat by a local at the Philthy McNasty FG Super Bowl contest :slight_smile:

I don't believe Setta can go.

My understanding is that he signed a 2 plus 1, making him eligible next year...not this.

Same goes for Moreno.

Ex-Argo - goof.

about nick setta, i heard he wanted to get something done around grey cup, but we didn't have anyone to negotiate with him. he wants a longer-term deal and he's prepared to be reasonable.
well, now we got obie. time to get it done, bob!

does anyone remember the pitiful game christie had here this past season? he missed a field goal from the mid-30s when he was short.

what struck me about this was how pinball clemons was so sure of victory over the ticats, he didn't even bother to bring a pro kicker to town. and that's how pitiful the ticats were.

I don't think NFL teams are breaking down his door to get him to sign. He's been to NFL camps and been cut before coming north. Any NFL team could've brought him in for a looksee but none did. If he's kicking anywhere for the foreseaable future, it's in a Cats uniform. He's part of Hamilton's future along with Printers, Lumsden, Moreno.....

An Argo-Cat fan

You're right about ego but remember most of those kicks were made indoors.

Hendy's right. The CFL has listed all the potential free agents on this page:

Current free agents are listed on another page:

Setta is not on either list. On the other hand, neither is Tay Cody.

Free Agent - no

Option year - yes!

which gives him a small window to consider NFL offers, if there are any

Nick forget the other offers and come back to the hammer.