If Saskatchewan wins....

....this site is going down faster than a post-thanksgiving day turkey sandwich in front of turkeybend...

...I know we upgraded for volume but I doubt it'll handle a half million hits...

OTOH, there might actually be some fans at the cup game.

LMAO You're probably right. It actually went down briefly for me earlier, but only lasted about 30 minutes. A Riders GC may just kill the forum.

If they do hold on and win - might as well declare next Sunday a Stat in Saskatchewan. Everyones calling in sick anyhow - too bad there bosses will beat them to it and not be there to take the calls

Well, Red called it. As soon as the game ended the forum went down for me. :lol:

...went down for everyone...thanks to admins for their hard work getting it back up again...

I didn't realise that many people people in Saskatchewan had computers :wink:

Would trade my computer for a plane ticket.

I dont think I have refreshed that many times at one time ever :lol:

We’re still recovering from socialism here…so we all share one big computer.

I didn't realise that many people people in Saskatchewan had computers ;)
We're still recovering from socialism here....so we all share one big computer.
Yah I heard you sold that Computer to a French company and they are going to lease it back to you at triple the cost and have the germans do the servicing lol. Saskatchewan has the hottest economy in Canada at the moment. But thats another debate

Good game by the riders today and didn't someone predict that on the riders winning the site would crash?

Move over Artie its my turn.....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...too funny

Mr. WearedonewithoutFlick...nudge, nudge...happy now? :slight_smile: lol