if Riders name Taman as GM, we're toast.

this team will be crap in a season or two if Taman is named GM.

he's no Tillman! and I can definitely see this team going down the drain in no time!

figures, just as we were getting to the top, things crash hard.

first Tillman resigns, then Chick signs to the NFL.. and look at all the Free Agents we have? :frowning:

Based on what? Yes, Taman is no Tillman, just like Miller is no Austin, yet, we have done very well under Miller. Taman was herding cats in Wpg, I don't think he ever had a fair shot, and he packed it in under the stress. Might as well get used to it, unless Winnipeg gets serious talking to him, you can bet it will be Taman at the helm. I for one am not against that. Out of interest, who would you like to see in the spot?

Joe Womack?

I agree 100%, Joe Womack for Rider GM

I highly doubt that happens. Womack was Tillman's boy.

Exactlly! So what better choice? Womack has done two tours with Tillman and they won a Grey Cup both times. He has been in pro football for 36 years as a player, scout and administrator. He understands Tillman's philosophy better than anyone else. He also knows the players on the negotiation better than anyone else since he is responsible for them being there. Womack knows the coaches and players along with all the Rider personnel. The team would maintain the greatest continuity with Womack at the helm. He also has the professional contacts that will allow him to find quality players when they are needed. Womack and Tillman are very tight so anytime he wants advice it will just be a phone call away! Being "Tillman's boy" is a great asset !

I hear that Womack is not interested in the GM job.. so that leaves Taman, Higgins(who has expressed interest), or some others that might express interest. Taman has 10 yrs experience, and you can't discount that.. maybe he has learned from his mistakes from his first go 'round in the Peg... there are more than a few Bomber fans that would like to see him back, so that tells me some thought he did an outstanding job. If Taman does get the position, it wouldn't make me lose sleep over the choice.

"Taman and Womack are also interested in the vacant GM's position. Hopson said their interest will be considered while the search goes on". (Jim Hopson - Leader Post Story)

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/football/roughriders-football/Much+interest+Riders+opening/2433943/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/footba ... story.html[/url]

Where do you hear that Joe Womack is not interested?

I'd like to see them bring in someone who's reputable, has history of winning and knows where to find the talent aka Montreal

Unless they go the college or NFL route, I don’t think anyone matches your criteria.

Making Joe Womack GM makes the most sense to me. It would maintain the highest degree of continuity throughout the organization. I was never a huge fan of the job Brendan Taman did in Winnipeg. They gave draft picks away like Halloween candy, never had any depth at Quarterback, etc. However, I think if Womack is not selected, Taman might be the next best choice as that maintains continuity to the next best degree of what Tillman has left us.

Taman isn't as bad as people think. If he was, would Hopson and the Riders have hired him? I'm thinking not.

In the Bomber section, Kubie said CJOB's Bob Irving reported this morning that his sources say that Taman will be named the Riders GM. I guess we'll find out how good his sources are soon.

Newstalk650 (quoting the Free Press) is saying Taman will accpet the role within 24-48 hours.


Its official, Taman is our GM. Reading through the the list of names he brought into the league; Charles Roberts, Geroy Simon, etc. I dont think we have anything to really worry about. Winnipeg hasnt had the coaching to take that team to the next level, sort of like the Riders under Shivers and Barrett (Shivers brought in some great talent, Barrett just couldnt finish the deal). Ken Miller is a great coach, and I expect our success to continue.

I'm thinking we need to retire the scare tactics and let Taman do his job. Base him on his performance, not people's perception of him. In a year's time, let's revisit this issue and then debate it.

Taman has been GM for a couple of hours now. Did I miss the world coming to an end?
Good move. Brendan will do a good job for the Riders.
Or to put it another way, nothing wrong with toast as long as you have a little marmalade to put on it.....

....you may want to stretch that out a bit.....it took ten years for the Bombers to reap the benefits of Taman.....and oh yeah,,,,wait a minute the only Cup we/he ever seen were the seven eleven bigg-gulps left on his desk...along with a few napkins... :lol: good luck though...

Honestly, do you think Taman was the problem? Partly, maybe, but there were other individuals who are just as accountable. In a year's time, let's revisit this topic and see how Taman does in 2010.

People were saying similar things about Tillman and look what the team accomplished under him in 4 years...3 west finals....2 Grey Cup appearances...1 Grey Cup. Maybe this gig will get Taman the GC he covets.