IF renegades fold who'd you like to see in bomber uniform

IF renegades fold who'd you like to see in bomber uniform
in my opinion i'd like to see Kerry Joesph for sure but much need defence
would be good to they had a preety good defence last year with one of
pair of DBs out there and are DBs are to slow i think they have to give like a 10 yard cushion all the time to compinsate from the start

...Joseph does not impress me.....but Banks ....Armstead.....or Khan would get my vote IF a dispersal draft is held...Why would the Bombers pick a qb. who is at best equal to the talent they already have on their roster...Josephs present salary is too high and he's alot older than Glenn so I don't see him as that much of an up-grade..We would be better off with a pick in another position that needed improvement... :!: :idea:

hmm, i definately agree with pap. Joseph is five or 6 years older then Glenn and had alot more to work with last season and Glenn still came out on top. every one says Glenn threw alot of interceptions, but who threw more? Kerry Joseph threw 6 more then Glenn did. Glenn also threw more TD passes then Joseph has. and again Glenns younger. id rather take a few more sacks then more interceptions. refering to the ability of Joseph to run the ball. Glenn also chooses to have a much quicker release then rifling the ball every play, which is much better, allows less sacks and pass knock downs from linebackers or D-line, or whoevers blitzing, and if u rifle the ball its alot harder to catch anywase. the only reason ppl want Joseph is because the grass is always grenner on the other side.

we have a lot of young speedsters in the secondary right now, problem is they are imports........safety could still be an issue if we have to start a NI like Gallant, but he may surprise us, the ratio is the problem for us, we are weak in our canadian talent, so getting a good NI like Khan or St Germaine for the oline would give us some options in the secondary and at WLB............BUT, it would be pretty tempting to grab up Banks (assuming the Tabbies take Armstead, which sounds like a lock).........IMO you take the best talent available.........I also agree with you guys on Joseph, I have never been a fan of his and think Glenn is the way to go, unless Taman scoops him up just for trade bait and the Riders will give away the farm to get him........

Kerry Joseph

why do u dislike Glenn so much kanga? i know everyone has the right to express their opinions but it seems like ur being super stubborn and not even reading our posts. lol Glenns better then Joseph and is 5 years younger! threw more TD passes and less interceptions, and had less to work with. im curious as to why u would prefer Joseph over Glenn.

he can't win the games

moses couldnt have won anymore games for the bombers than Glenn did last season kanga...........and as far as Joseph goes, he crapped the bed in both games against the Bombers last season, which ultimately lead to them missing the playoffs........need we say more........

...I like the way that would go down PIGSEYE ...with the Riders...however I would like to see what they would offer.... and that the player(s) exchanged would be guranteed ... before we make any move on Joseph...and that brings up the question....who are they willing to part with...that we would definitely need...something to ponder.. :roll:I would think the Bombers would approach the Riders to see if they were vaguely interested first.. and that.may be not too far off... :roll:

the reason i say take joesph because Glenn always gets hurt and how many times has kerry joesph cried about a bruised thumb and what not but i guess we do have a QB now in Quinn i just don't think Glenn will take us all the way so i guess we are preety loaded in Qb's i alson think Glen is a great back up not a starter he can't play very consistent

afterall glenn was a bench warmer in sask

We need to solidify our defence way more, we need korey banks more than anything right now.

if hamilton takes banks we take joseph.

...We have two former coaches from the RENS...who would know the talent on that club. inside and out....I would say they are probably going over the Rens. roster pretty carefully...and are going to suggest the best guys to pick...Korey Banks would be my pick...all things considered....also another fella who would know the talent base of the gades is now coaching with the team that gets 1st. pick.....Paopao....it'll be interesting to see which way Hammer goes...Whatever happens we will certainly get an up-grade somewhere....too bad it has to come this way.... :?

well im going to cross my fingers and hope we get banks.

with ottawa gone do we still have to pay for the gades?? this situation is making me confused

what do you mean? :?:

In order of priority:

  1. K. Banks
  2. J. Armstead
  3. I. Khan
  4. K. Hebert
  5. V. St Germain

well I would also really like to see Kyries Hebret alongside with Barrin Simpson. Wouldn’t that be killer?

I would like to see us draft Banks so we can fordify the defense and not end up with the worst defense in CFL history......again.