IF RDS can do MTL games why can't CHCH DO CATS GAME

IF RDS can do MTL games why can't CHCH DO CATS GAMES ?

Not sure, but I would guess that it is because RDS is the french language affiliate of TSN. TSN has exclusive broadcast rights to the CFL. CHCH is in no way affiliated with TSN or it's parent companies and therefore is not allowed/hasn't paid to air the games. Pure guessing by me though.

RDS is the french TSN so they have rights to all the CFL games. If CHCH wanted to buy the rights for the pre season games I'm sure TSN would of been more than happy to sell them.

yes, CHCH could very well purchase licensing rights from TSN for TiCats pre-season games, although clearly have not for reasons not publicly unknown.

The only deterence I can see is that the TSN licensing fees are too expensive, and hence not a fiscally sound buy for the station in regards to it's return on advertising revenue.

Because TSN/RDS have the contract for CFL football!!!. They paid millions for that contract and a new contract kicks in next year. RDS is a coast to coast national broadcaster which caters to sporting events that would appeal to French Canadians, any event that involves Montreal will be on RDS. CHCH is a local broadcaster and as far as I know are not into televising sports and they have no contract to televise Ticat games.

Doesn't CHCH air NBA games? I wonder what they pay for that?

yes, but that contract also entails that TSN is the exclusive broadcast Licensor of the CFL, thus possesses complete autonomy to sub lease/license those rights to other markets as well. whether regional Canadian broadcasters, USA specialty channels/networks, DSL satellite systems etc etc

as you stated, CHCH does not televise sports, and most likely due to the low-to-no ROI.

CFL televised in the States,

CFL games to air on ESPN2 and NBCSN in U.S. and be webcast on ESPN3

[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/cfl-games-air-espn2-nbcsn-u-webcast-espn3-062435488.html]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55 ... 35488.html[/url]

" NBC Sports Network is apparently set to continue on with the CFL broadcasts they started picking up last year, so if the schedules are accurate, the CFL could potentially see two games televised in the U.S. each week. That would be a big step forward for the league's southern exposure, which is critical—not for fans or money, but rather for current and future player recruitment."

For the moment, though, having CFL games broadcast on both ESPN2 and NBCSN seems like a substantial gain for the league.

Yes but that is a little different because they are not putting it on they are just taking the feed from abc or espn.

I"d really like to know what US internet provider allows espn3 ..i have had 3 of the major ones here in the south and it's blocked on all 3...

Last year i looked for cfl games they must be replaying them at strange hours or off days certainly not during game time unless i just happened to miss it the very few times it would have shown them ... even did a search on the satellite and no cfl results

Must be limited to northern states here in the south i have a very hard time trying to find a broadcast

My feeling is that we should haev more media surrounding this team .
CHCH being Hamilton's TV channel should have more coverage . They should have a weekly show like 900 CHML does .

There has go to be a way we can get more coverage of this team as it is Hamilton's only team with the exception of the Bulldogs.

I know RDS is afliliated with TSN , but it sure seemed nice for the ALS to have a personalized TV station coverng them.

I still think there is an opportunity for Hamilton to make the Tiger Cats a bigger deal in Hamilton .

I think affiliating more wih the universities and colleges and creating more of a big event to go to Pre-sason games and fan day and ragular season games including tail gating , good known bands .

There coudl be such a bigger following here especially amongst the younger people .

Agree gerbear but isn't CHCH owned by a Toronto firm? If so it's probably in their interests more to promote the Blue Jays at this time of the year.

They are out of Toronto but they are a local Hamilton station and the only people that watch chch are from Hamilton. People in Toronto don't turn into CH for news they have way to many large local Toronto options (CTV, Global, City).

Maybe some Torontonians or people like the sports show Hamilton does for the Blue Jays, NBA etc? I don't know. Or Hamiltonians for that matter, they can watch a "local" TV station that appears to be a Toronto station, making them feel they live in Toronto but they don't actually, pounding their chest and being so proud "supporting" their local station watching it as such. :wink:

I've met some born and bred Hamiltonians that aren't exactly too proud, so it seems, of the city they grew up in and were raised in, that's for sure. And what this city truly does have to offer, locally, that is a Hamilton feature.

A lot of people just need to feel "big time".