If Quebec City got a team...

Would they make the CFL be all French at home? French first referees and so on?

Not that it will happen but they didn't do that with the Nordiques and that was at a time when Nationalism had political push. Quebec is no more nationalistic these days than Alberta.

I know the sovereignty movement politically isn't potent but Quebec City is as French as its ever been.

Obviously officiating and the language of the field and locker room will always be English at the professional level as it is in hockey and even international soccer. However, I would imagine a Quebec City Football Club would market almost exclusively in French. In stadium promotions and announcements would probably be predominantly in French as well.

....then Winnipeg would want one too.

quebec would be a mistake, yes football is very popular, but once the NHL moves back there ( ansd they will in the next 5 years) the cfl would be dead there.

Not on Gary Bettman's watch they won't. The Phoenix Money Pittters are locked into losing money in Arizona for another 5 years and Gary B will sell the farm before he let's another team bolt for Canada. It's all about the massive American TV deal ( :lol: :lol: :lol: or as we call it in the great white north Gary's Little Man Syndrome) and not franchise stability.

Quebec is not a bilingual province, they are French only, you can't even see an English roadsign. Their legislature is called "The national assembly" Their National Holiday is the 24th of June and the only people that celebrate Canada Day are the Anglos.
We give rights to the French outside of Quebec but they don't give rights to English in Quebec.
They just elected another separatist government in Quebec, so don't try to tell me that separatism has died down!!

As for sports, look at theNHL , do they have French referees?
Quebec City is a hockey town and their priority is an NHL team and the city will pour million into an arena. They like their CIS football and the Quebec rivalries but it will never be a CFL city.

Can we please stick to the topic, if it's not about what the original posts is about, please move on...

I would assume it would be French, because French is the predominant language. Although I am surprised to learn that English is spoken by the referees at professional sports level in Quebec, I can see why it would, because of the predominance of English-speaking athletes compared to French-speaking ones.


Well you tell me exactly which rights I dont have here in Quebec?

As for electing a Seperatist Government.....The PQ won with 30% of the vote and not everyone who voted for them are seperatists. They voted for them to get rid of the liberals who had been in power for over 10 years.

As for the CFL....Why do you think they would demande French refs?
Do they Demande it for games in Montreal?
And I got news for you...you see more Englsh in Quebec City than you do in Montreal.

I really wonder if Quebecers are more ignorant about Canada....or if Canada is more ignorant about Quebec

When I've been in QC, I find for the most part when you go into a store or restaurant and speak with a slight American accent, you always get served very politely in English. Works for me there. :wink:

The "Parti Quebecois" were elected as a "minority" government.
Yes there are French referees in the NHL, several in fact http://www.nhlofficials.com/member_listing.asp
Montreal is a hockey town and the Als are also playing in the city.
Believe it or not, English can be heard spoken while in Q.C. Many recognize the fact that Tourism is important and will try to make an attempt. May not be perfect but at least there is an effort.

I would say that Canadians are more ignorant about Quebec. I travel down east quite often and a great part of the trip is going through Quebec. The people are fantastic. I've never had trouble and the only French I can speak is " Je nas pas parle francais". When people see that I at least try, they go over backwards to help ! I would say that the majority of Quebecers can speak English, but the majority of English can't speak any French and don't try. I'm not French. Many ignorant people are missing one of the truly great places if they avoid Quebec. The women, the food, the history, the women !

Most people who live in Quebec are great no question but its the hard line francophones that want less english in Quebec some want it banned in some cases but these are the same type of people that think where ever they travel in Canada there should be french.

And one could argue that as an officially bilingual country French should be available, accessible and available across our country as should (and is) English.

But what about those who say english should not be available or limited in Quebec?

I come on here thinking this website was about football. Guess I must have been mistaken.

mikem likes to exaggerate on everything in order to try and make a point... I take his posts with an unhealthy amount of salt.

In any case, I'm betting you would see the CFL and Quebec team (if one happens) voluntarily put out more French articles, advertising, reffing, etc. It would help them further tap an 8 million person market, so it's in their best interest to do more in French alongside the English (sort of how the "REDBLACKS" are also going with Rouge et Noir and will be marketing heavily to the Francophone population in the Ottawa area).

My advice is for the good of the league is to avoid Quebec wherever possible. The downsides far outweigh the upsides there. Montreal is about as far east as the league should go...and even then we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why beat our heads against the wall? Let's stick to the areas where football is known and loved. :cowboy:

University of Laval and the maritime Universities would debate that...

But the upside to Quebec is that if something is offered in French, they will usually choose that option over another, hence why Quebec has the strongest domestic media production in the country.

With Montreal, I think we're starting to see what keeping capacity too low for too long can do. It forces prices too high, and you don't expand your fan base to the more solidly middle class or families. Now they have a higher capacity, but the years of small capacity has made it difficult to grow the game-attending fans.

What about them?

For every idiot in Quebec who says that about English…Ill show you an idiot in the ROC who says that about French.

Hell I can name a couple of regular posters here who feel that way about French