If Peyton was smart...

...he'd get the hell out of Indy. This team is garbage, from the bottom right to the top.

The defence is atrocious, and has been for years, but for whatever reason, the guys running the show refuse to improve it. Miami is running wild over Indy right now. Last time I checked, the time of possession was roughly 40:00-15:00 in favour of the Dolphins.

This organization is too complacent. They think because they've won 12 or more games in the last six seasons that they're doing all right. Going 75-21 in the last six seasons is great... but what have they done in the playoffs in those six years?

They've gone to the AFC Championship only twice, and they've won only one Super Bowl... but they're gone 0-1 three times!!!

People keep saying Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney are good DEs, but they're getting manhandled tonight... and by a sophmore no less. This line barely gets pressure on the QB, and it couldn't stop an 8-year-old girl with one leg from racking up 100 yards.

This is the reason Peyton Manning only has one ring. You put him on a team with a decent defence that can actually get a stop now and then and he'll give you a dynasty.

Suffice it say, I'm officially dumping these incompetent twits as my NFL team... I can't cheer for an organization that is timid and complacent at the same time. This organization needs to blow itself up and restart from scratch... get an owner/GM with some *****. Hire some aggressive coaches. Draft some good defensive players.

Until this happens, this team will continue to go 0-1 in the playoffs... :roll:

I see you were frustrated Cheif but you also have to realize if it wasn't for Defense Peyton wouldn't even of got 1 ring. I believe he had one of the worst passer ratings ever in the playoffs for a SB winning team. I'm not knocking the guy I think he's great but unlike some other legends who rise in the playoffs Manning's always seemed to be a regular season QB

What about the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl?

Edit: And the defence is the reason the Colts have gone 0-2 the last two years in the playoffs.

But when they won the SB, that defense was ridiculously good.

Hey, I'm not saying the defence wasn't good that year. It was. I was just pointing out that Manning did his part, particularly in the AFC Championship game when he led the Colts to an 18 point comeback. My point is it wasn't just the defence that won that championship in 2006 as snoopy seemed to suggest.

If the Colts defence played like they did tonight on a regular basis, they'd be decent. They sacked Warner four times, hit him about 13 or 14 times. The D-Line really took him off his game.

Of course, I think the defence played well tonight for two reasons: 1) They were completely embarrassed last week in Miami, so they wanted to come out swinging tonight, and 2) The Cardinals don't have much of a running game, so the Colts were able to focus most of their pressure on the QB.

This defence still has ways to go...

Collingsworth was saying why didn't the Cardinals just throw the darn pigskin towards Fitzgerald and let the guy jump up and get it over the smallish Colts defensive backs. But they didn't do this much. Colts owned the Cards on this one. Freeney is a one man wrecking crew. Wonder if his injury is serious?

Chief I didn't mean at all to say Manning didn't do his part and even other wise de deserves it for all the other times the D let him down. All I meant was that D sure stepped it up and saved him a few of the games. This is just a guess but didn't he throw something like 3 td's against 7 picks those palyoffs. I repeat though de deserved it all the way. He's one of the greats. I always seem to stick up for the silent guys. If teams win the QB gets all the credit but if they lose it's usually someone else. It's the same way with Brett Favre but I guess you get that when guys are loved so much. Speaking of Farve to me even if people don't want to call him the best ever I say there will never be a more beloved player country wide. I just heard that even now his jersey was the top seller in 19 states. The nexy closest was the top in 3

He did throw a lot of interceptions, and I certainly can't explain why... I mean, 3 picks against KC? That boggles my mind. The 2 picks against Baltimore doesn't surprise me, though. Baltimore has always had a great defence. But Manning stepped up his game in the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

However, it has been the defence letting Manning down in the last two years. They've been unable to stop drives. I'm sure the poor running game last season didn't help...

That said, I do have to give the defence props. They've played pretty good the last two weeks. They've been getting to the QB. I think they've gotten around 11 or 12 sacks in the last two games. They've improved on third downs, which really hurt them in the Miami game. I am a little disappointed with them giving up 14 points in the final quarter today, but oh well... I certainly won't dwell on that. Overall they played well.

They just need to continue playing well... and not just in the regular season.

Peyton would want to go to a team that had a better chance to win the Super Bowl... I can't see that there's one out there that would both be a serious contender and could pick up his salary. Remember, even though he's a brilliant player, he's not young anymore. He just got the assurance from his team management that he'd get a BIG pay raise before the uncapped year.
This year he's throwing well and his division should allow him to get back to the playoffs. Bob Sanders makes that defense go, and he may again get back for the run to the Super Bowl.
Buffalo? Miami?
I just can't see it.

I agree, if I were Peyton I'd try and spread my wealth around and play for other teams like San Diego, Seattle, Arizona, or Jacksonville (they used to be good) who haven't won the super bowl before but have a chance if they just get that one good QB. That be awesome is this was an ideal world.

Problem is contacts, the team owns his rights for now, and likely would offer him whatever he wanted to keep him on the team unless they saw some great benefit in dropping him. I don't see that happening for a while, and when they do let him go, he'll be too pass it to be any good (like Emmit Smith for Arizona) assuming he still plays instead of hanging up the pads.

on an unrelated note but relevant to a CFL site, imo, he wouldn't last a season in the CFL. Why do I say that? Peyton loves to control the 40 sec game clock and use it to his advantage. He also uses a lot of audibles. He wouldn't survive with the CFL's 20 second clock, and boot legging isn't his style. Can you say "user and a loser"? :lol:

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually expect Peyton to leave Indy. He's spent his entire career with the Colts, and I imagine he'll retire with the Colts. He's a franchise player. I was more frustrated with Indy's hot and cold defence.

Even with only one Super Bowl, I still think Peyton has had a great career. He set a bunch of records in his rookie season, and he's been setting records since. He's led his team to 12 or more wins in 6 consecutive seasons, which is something no other team has been able to achieve. He won a championship, and he's one of only two players to win the MVP award three times. He's had a great career...

...but let's face it, he's getting up there in age. I know people don't always think of him as being old. Going into this season I thought of him as 30 or 31, but he's actually 33. So this is the final stretch of his career. I doubt he'll stick around as long as Brett Favre. He's like Tiki Barber: He has enough sense to know when to call it a career. I'd imagine he only has 3-4 years left, and so it'd be nice if the defence could step up one more time and help him win another championship.

Cheif I give him credit he's looking good so far this year. I think this is the most impressed I've been cause for the first time other then Reggie Wayne he's doing it without a lineup of pro bowlers. He's making Garcon and Collie look pretty good

He's been working with rookies for a couple seasons now. He hasn't had Marvin Harrison as a regular contributor for the last three seasons. Anthony Gonzalez is still new to the game. This is only his third season, so Manning's had to bring him along for the last two seasons. The only pro-bowlers he's had are Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark.

Jesus... I'm surprised I didn't give myself a stroke... :lol:

Well, I suppose I should feel a little embarrassed... The defence has certainly come around since that awful, awful game in Miami. The D-Line is really attacking, and some of the other guys are making big plays. I didn't recognize #27, but he was all over the field tonight. He was hustling. I know we were playing a 0-4 team, but Tennessee is still a tough team, and they're a divisional rival, and the Colts were on the road, so I like the win. The Titans were held scoreless in the second half and 9 points overall. That's a good defensive effort.

With that said... this team has always looked great in the regular season. The playoffs is their achilles heel. It'll be interesting to see if they can keep up the intensity going into January.

But still, it was a great win for the team!

Now they get a week off before they pummel the Rams.