If Ottawa Started Next Year, Who would be their QB?

It seems now aday's that their aren't even enough QB's in the league to go around.
In order for Ottawa to compete right away they will need a good QB, but each team seemingly only has one good QB?
Note each team will protect their best Qb...
Toronto- Ray, Jackson
Hamilton- Burris, Porter
Montreal - Mcpherson (assuming Calvillo retires)
Winnipeg - Pierce, Elliot
BC -Lulay
Edmonton - Jyles, Joseph
Saskatchewan -Durant
Calgary - Tate, Glenn

I don't know a couple of the teams back ups.
But from that if Ottawa can only pick from the back ups they'd likely end up with
Ottawa: Glenn, Jackson
Both of whom are old, but decent QBs.
And Edmonton arguably doesn't have a good enough QB either.
Would a league with these QB's have a chance at being balanced?

MY opinion. Calvillo won't be protected, even if he doesn't retire.

Why would an Ottawa franchise pick up a 42 year old QB for the future?

Why worry now? There will not be at team before 2014,at the earliest.


...it's a hypothetical question Richard, play along

...you forgot Willy from Saskatchewan, in all of the QBs available right now I'd probably take Willy or Bo Levi Mitchell as the young gunslinger with Glenn or Jackson as the veteran backup

Why not Russ Jackson. For old time sake??

You don't have Brink listed as one of the Bombers Q.B.s'.

The term, QB of the future has always made me laugh…

I would want veterans only, savvy vets, especially going into another new situation in Ottawa. The Haters in the media will be rooting openly for failure, they will try and drum up a problem. Save the QBs of the future for someone else.

Bishop and Flutie sound good to me…Flutie is in game shape, plays basketball every day

I don't think it's out of the question to actually start thinking about the 2014 season. This will be moving from a fantasy to a reality fairly soon. Dave Naylor said that we will know before November 1 when Ottawa will start and 2014 is becoming more and more likely.

To answer your question, the most likely candidate at this time would be Kevin Glenn. He's a veteran who is going to lose his starting job as soon as Drew Tate comes back and he's only 33 years old. As an expansion team, having a veteran at the the most pivotal position is key.

Ottawa will be able to select, at maximum, two quarterbacks in the 2013 expansion draft. So to look at what their realistic expectations are for 2014, I would still say Kevin Glenn would be taken after the Stamps protect Drew Tate. Considering the year he's been having, he should be a full-time starter somewhere. In terms of depth, I would imagine that Ottawa would get a veteran and two young guns so that they can groom them for the future. Saskatchewan's Drew Willy looked good in his games and I thought BC's Mike Reilly and Toronto's Trevor Harris looked good in their preseason games.

It will be fun to see who the team's protect in the expansion draft. Does Edmonton go with Jyles or Nichols? Does Hamilton protect Burris or Porter? And does Montreal gamble and protect McPherson assuming Ottawa doesn't try to select Calvillo? I'm not sure if I want to go near Winnipeg's guys, that just seems to messy since no one has been outstanding this year.

Your love for Micheal Bishop never ceases to make me laugh. That said I agree with everything else you said.

I'd give Casey printers a call. He'd still be young, and knows the league and rules.

As an Ottawa fan, I'd give consideration to Matt Nichols in Edmonton. He'd definitely be available and has a lot of upside. Drew Willy out of Saskatchewan is another candidate. If Calvillo is still playing, I'd look at McPherson too.

I would not take Calvillo, as I strongly suspect that he'd retire if taken by an expansion team.

I'd also want a veteran backup to help mentor these younger guys, someone like Kevin Glenn would be worth a look if he's unprotected.

I'm surprised that everyone's forgetting Chip Lemon - - the only football player in history to miss two weeks with a chipped tooth.

I know there's some Argo fans out there who still think the Lemon can be a great QB.

But they aren't starting next year so why the hypothetical question?
Why not ask who will be their starter for 2014?

Because since we don't know what's going to happen in 2013 it's pointless. You'd be speculating based on 2012 data anyway.

but whats the point of speculation about something we will never know the answer too. All we will end up doing is insulting each other over opinions.

I will speculate that if the new guy bc is bringing in is all that, then M Reilly might be a choice.

What would be interesting is if Montreal assumes this and Ottawa scoops him up anyway. Assuming Calvillo is still good at 42 years old, it would be a great kickstart for the Ottawa franchise even just for one year. I'd pick him.

I don't see it. Why would Calvillo want to play at 42 for an expansion team after spending such a distinguished career in Montreal? I really think if this scenario happens, he retires before playing for a team that's probably not going to be very good.

I wonder if JC Watts would consider a return lol... someone mentioned Willy or Mitchell, not bad choices... I would hate to see the Riders lose Willy though... how about one last shot for Michael Bishop... with Cleo Lemon as his backup...

I think peopeo and damon allen would be the most logical choices :wink:

That is true. Retirement would be his only option out right? If he got drafted he would HAVE to play for the team, correct? Anyways I doubt hell be playing after this year or the next