If Ottawa Gets a team again???

Just a question if Ottawa gets a team again next year will the CFL just hold another dispersal draft, that is the only option i can see, what do you think and how long will it take for them to be a good team?

they should just scout for their new players lots of good players that dont play in the CFL

They can have Jarius Jackson, Carl Kidd and Lyle Green from BC.

All kidding aside, the league has to give the new team better quality then the usual expansion draft dregs.
It must be competative from the get go.

I think Ottawa folded just to get rid of their lack of talent/leadership players like Kerry Joseph and wait a year to get some better players. If they do a draft they can chose who they want back and take better options elsewhere!

Craig Yeast & Robert Baker are Free Agents


yeast, baker, yo murphy, warren, montford

toronto should give up stokes, aswell.

There will be a draft and Cgy's Hellard has stated that it has to be done in such a way to make new team competitive but w/o harming the other teams.

Expansion draft is but one part of fielding a team. They will pick in Cdn college draft next spring, be able to sign free agents and scout for their own players.

Prob no more team will lose more than four players -- maximum.

Ex-Gades taken in dispersal draft will be treated like any other player. New team won 't have first right on them.

As in other drafts like this, I am sure that CFL head office will allow each team a certain number of 'can't touch this player' exemptions.

I think that the new ottawa team should at hte very least be able to pick up all hte players they lost in the dispersal draft if they want them back and then work the rest of it like an expansion draft

Cant do that, if that was the case would the riders get back scott gordon, corey homes, and their first rounder, i dont think so, so that theory of yours mada7 can go right out the window, that would just cripple the teams that made trades to get ottawa players.

I really can't see the Ottawa team just "getting back" all their players. Doesn't make much sense imo. An expansion draft with limited protection of players off the bat, increasing in later rounds sounds like a good plan.

they can have brad banks back

No, they would have to do a proper expansion draft. And of course teams would be able to protect a certain number of players.. could you imagine if they couldn't? You'd have an Ottawa team with Calvillo throwing to Simon, Stegall, and Tucker with Reynolds in the backfield, Levingston returning kicks, Nate Davis anchoring the D line and Corey Holmes doing his usual 16 position rotation. And that's just the first round!

We’ll definitely take back Brad Banks. Better than that Quinn guy you got. Banks has a lot of potential and shouldn’t be a 3rd string QB.

I think an expansion draft with some other provisions should put Ottawa back on the competative football map quick quickly.

For instance:

-Open free agency to the Gades 3 weeks early… I guess CFLPA issues might stall that?

-Give Ottawa a relaxed salary cap for 1 or 2 years… again CBA issues?

I think it wouldnt be too hard to have this team in the thick of things in 3 or 4 years…

.....a relaxed salary cap, free picking to free agents for 3 weeks?...I don't think so.....mgmt should be able to sign talent like the other teams.....your going to end up with some decent players through the expansion draft anyway...

Maybe, a relaxed cap to a limit but only for first year.

One thing PA may be more willing to go for is allowing them to start their training camp earlier and to allow them to bring in more players than normally allowed.

After all, you can't expect to have a disparate groupe of 70+ players become a team in the space of a month or so.

If Winnipeg gets Printers, they can have Glenn, if TO gets Printers, they can have Wynn.

IMO, Printers as starter, and Michna as back up with either Quinn or Banks as thrid is good enough, and Glenn can make Ottawa a contender.