If Ottawa came back

You know everybody's talking about coaching, OC positions available but nobody really considers the Ottawa Franchise.

Yes I understand that they're still "suspended" but if they came back to CFL next year (Talks are going good with Bill Palmers group according to TSN) who do you guys think would be the ppl they'd want on coaching staff.

Maybe Barret would be a good coach for a franchise that could use a playoff appearance to boost ticket sales and such.

PS How would an expansion draft work?

Boreham's wondering the same thing.

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Thanks, but maybe a little more charitable than funny.
Charitable given the notion he would even be on someone's roster to be elligible for a draft in 08.

why would the CFL continue to go back to a city that fails time after time?

I can just see the headlines.....
Ladies and Gentlemen CFL expansion is in Ottawa for the 12th time.

i know crappy ownership, crappy this, crappy that too bad give it up lets go to a new place

ottawa has a strong history in the CFL. I don't think as fans we'll ever be told the exact reasons for a franchise folding. on top of that, consider your options in ontario for a team. Windsor or London?

Windsor is to close to the border. with an NFL franchise in Detroit.

London, possibly, but the only feild out there is for OWU Mustangs, and not suitable for a professional sports venue.

i won't say anything about northern cities ei Sudbury, simply 'cause i don't know.

other than that eastern cities suitable for a team might be Quebec city, wich i think would be good for a Montreal rivalry but finding bilingual staff can be a huge hurdle. and halifax as i know is the only maritime consideration.

that aside, i think the league wants to stablize ottawa and then expand to the maritimes giving us 5 in each conference.

Welll as long as the Gliebs are left out of a francise in Ottawa were alright here and ottawa would be alot better with BOREHAM or FLEM

ive been around when the Glibernuts were running the Ottawa francise and they were completely crap`````

The CFL wants to get back to Ottawa for the whatever time for reasons similar to, but not identical of course, why the NFL wants to go back to LA for whatever time. You don't give up on a market if you think there is still hope for that market to succeed where suceeding would be beneficial to the league, fans in that market and owners. Quite simple actually.

My CFL includes Ottawa!!!!!

How about:
HC, Joe PaoPao
O-Line coach, Joes side-kick whatever his name was

RB, Ranek
WR, Flick
Punter, Flemming

Sorry Ottawa,
we are keeping Hudson to anchor our O-line

Seriously, I think Winnipeg D-Coach Greg Marshall an Ex-Ottawa defensive lineman would be a splendid choice for them to run their franchise

well blackandgold Coach POAPOE was released by the gades because he was not doing so good but i felt this year when i was with the Cats he is an amazing coach and his sidekick Kani was greatand that Greg Marshall would be a good choice for ottawa