If only JJ didnt fumble it

if he never fumbled that ball, he woulda made it into the endzone becuase he was pushing back, or atleast theyd have another shot at it. we could of won...

but no, you cant think about it that way, it is what it is. we coulda got the touchdown, but we didnt, so you hold your heads up high and hope for a td on the next drive.

Why did Wally put him in when Buck got us all the way down there?

Probably because he's a better runner than Buck is. If he'd left Pierce in and Pierce didn't get in on a QB sneak, everyone would be screaming at him why didn't he put JJ in.

Seems to me Chapdelaine should take more of the heat. In that famous goallline stand by Montreal, each of the 3 BC tries were runs up the middle; so were the failed attempts on Saturday. Lack of imagination it seems to me.

Why doesn't he have a play where it goes at least off-tackle? Or a QB option................

There are no what ifs in football, only what is, so forget it. There could have been other what ifs, like the interception return falling just short of the end zone and after, the two rushing attempts for the end zone. You just have to make the most of your opportunities and unfortunately, they did not.
I would have liked to have seen J.J. in on the last play of the game, as he has more of a gun than Buck does. Bucks pass barely reached the end zone, although he was being pressured while throwing.