If OBIE wants to bring in good players to get better

Then with our sputtering offence , I think bringing in Armstrong and Bruce in for a look see makes sense .

This is consistant with him bring in Pope at linebacker and if Pope outplays the other linebacklers then he will play ..same thing with the recievers. These two guys are both young and in the peak of their careeers and have been very successful in the CFL for many years .

They both had a bit of an attitude problem but hey they both have played for many years so they can't be that bad and most players have a bit of an attitude anyway ...don't they ?

I agree if there are good players available then Obie should bring them in.Bruce could be a very good pickup and I think he would like playing in Hamilton.Torontos loss could be Hamiltons gain.can you imagine him in the Labor day classic. :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I think our recievers are ok but we do lack a big play reciever with CFL succes and experience .

Presche is on his way but seems to have regressed a bit

They could use a n upgrade of CFL experience

He hasnt regressed, teams are just playing off him and rolling their coverages his way

you might be right ...either way his performance is less

Argos avoid Armstrong

Former Bombers receiver fails physical



...receiver Derick Armstrong, released by the Bombers on July 8, failed a physical with the Argos on Sunday because of a right knee problem

and the Boatmen chose not to bring him aboard.

Armstrong’s woes date to last season and
before each game his knee required freezing.

“We have to look at everything because of our injuries,”
Argos general manager Adam Rita said yesterday.

"Structurally he is fine, and I’m sure he could play,

but we can’t afford to have people when
there is a chance they could be hurt."

[quote="gerbear9"]Then with our sputtering offence , I think bringing in Armstrong and Bruce in for a look see makes sense .

8) Yes, NO SENSE at all !!!!
  Unbelievable  !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

We've already got some great recievers, it's the starting QB that takes a while to get going.
We don't seem to be doing much until Glenn comes in for mop up duties.
These two guys will only bring their baggage with them leave them alone.

Why would we want Arland Bruce ||| He put himself above team,and we just got rid of self centered qb that the team would not play for.After the shenaigans in the end zone i am surprised that any cat fan wants this guy around.I keep hoping a cat defender hammers this guy so he thinks twice about show boating in someone elses yard.Year after year he comes and does the same crap.When you score place the football on field and get ready for the extra point.aka sanders. No dancing, no back flips, no hi fives.

Glenn to Bruce for a TD sounds good to me.
Bruce would, if kept under control, make us Grey Cup contenders given everything we've seen up until this point in the season.

Bring in both and make teams fear our receving corps :smiley:

Barry Sanders? Gotcha.

Prime Time? I wouldn't. LMAO :wink:

No one accuses Gizmo Williams of not being a team player in Eskieland. FLIP ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! Depends on the man, the environment, and the opportunity.

I have ZERO problems with spontaneous celebrations in the main. To paraphrase the Prophet Madden, these guys are artists in the sense your want them to develop an identity as players which does not stifle them as performers by turning them into robots. For all the Lombardi mythology, sports fans, Paul Hornung, arch scorer on and off the field, could play for Vince. Talent focused on productive effort on GAME DAY trumps mere slavish adherence to any line pushed by any administrator.

Paul Hornung handed the ball to the ref after a score, if I recall. My point is good coaches respect personalities. Ultimately in the line of fire, for all the bluster and posturing, even the most regimented of coaches win players over by treating them as men. That means some accomodation.

Sazio and Mosca? King Kong and The Stare? Together? LOL Lest we forget.

Bruce crossed a line calling out Joseph. Bart Andrus has his prerogatives and will act accordingly, so I don't sweat over his ruminations. You do have to take stands from time to time, but the Mike Kelly situation in the Peg now speaks volumes. Ship out talent -- gutting one side of the ball in particular -- you had better have a Plan B because Plan INT is death.

Coaches must earn the respect of veteran leadership within the room that buy into the approach(es) the staff is implementing. The most vibrant team cultures are "policed" BY vets on a day-to-day basis. Knowing your role on the field on game day, in the unit meetings, in the tape room, on the practice field. Players mentoring players because they understand it's the collective effort that prevails.

Time will tell if Bruce goes elsewhere, landing in Tigertown. Obie will be assessing that on the basis of how Porter-Glenn-Stala-Goodspeed-Hage-Hudson-Gauthier-Floyd-Johnson et al as a core group of vets and stars can deal with Bruce rather than what we might think on ticats.ca.

This is not 2007 babes in the woods daze on the Cat roster. The turnover to youth has evolved into a blend with vets, folks.

Frankly, if Bruce just plays and scores TDs, Ticat fans will develop amnesia in the main.

I don't worry about Marcel. He's Obie's hire. He's backed up and I believe, any faults aside as an x-and-o guy we might raise from our armchairs across the country, I like his visible personality managing on the sideline, imparting with a microphone in his face, or conducting himself on the practice field. Don't believe for a second he won't cut Bruce from Last Chance Saloon if he poisons the room. Messages will be delivered.

3-15 programs don't get talent infusion prospects along waiver wires every day. That's why Obie gets his coin. Judgement calls.

Oski Wee Wee,

Deion sanders is not the same guy as barry sanders Barry Sanders used to be a running back for detroit. Deion sanders was a corner for dallas that sometimes played reciever.Forget the dancing and end zone crap and play football. :wink:

hamilton hasn't been a relevant team for 10 seasons, who cares if players dance or are cocky, this team needs to win
at all costs, its time to bring the swagger back, ill take any thug, malcontent, endzone dancer, as long as the team wins and dominates, you cant win grey cups with choir boys.