If Not Ritche, then, Who?

Would Brad Miller, Assistant Head Coach
of Montreal be a possibility?

Montreal seems to be letting all
there coaches swing in the breeze.

Brad Miller was the Edmonton Eskimos'
defensive coordinator from 1996 to 2000.

During that time period the Eskies
finished in the top-4 of the CFL
in 11 different defensive categories

made the playoffs every season,
including 3 Western Final games
and the 1997 Grey Cup game.

Miller was also was in charge of
the defensive line in 1996

when they had the 3rd highest
sacks total in CFL history

He coached Willie Pless the year
he was CFL defensive MVP, 1997.

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Hi ronfromtigertown:

Brad Miller would be a good candidate for the Ticat defensive co-ordinator position if new Alouette head coach Marc Trestman does not offer him the assistant head coach/defensive co-ordinator position with the Als.

Another good candidate would be Mike Roach. As the defensive line coach in B.C. from 2005 through 2007, he has already coached current Ticat Nautyn McKay-Loescher and knows JoJuan Armour. He has defensive line, linebacker and defensive secondary coaching experience in the CFL. Roach also has one year experience as a CFL defensive co-ordinator in Winnipeg but the downside is that it occurred eleven years ago in 1996. Still, he is definitely worth considering.

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I hope we get someone a little more well-known than Miller or Roach.

I still think it will be Denny Creehan.

The fact that the Cats probably won't announce a DC until AFTER Christmas now (contrary to what they wanted) indicates, to me at least, that Richie was Plan A, and Hamilton is now interviewing Plan B.

Hi ticatsackattack:

I would concur that Denny Creehan is probably on the short list of candidates for the Ticat defensive co-ordinator position. If Dave Ritchie is retiring, then Creehan has more recent experience as a CFL defensive co-ordinator than any other available candidate at this time. However, his overall record as the defensive co-ordinator in Calgary from 2004 to 2007 was average with a significant decline in 2007:

Total Offensive Yardage Allowed Per Game:
2004- 339 (2nd)
2005- 366 (5th)
2006- 356 (6th)
2007- 373 (7th)

Average Rushing Yardage Allowed Per Game:
2004- 103.4 (5th)
2005- 101.1 (4th)
2006- 96.4 (4th)
2007- 121.3 (8th)

Average Passing Yardage Allowed Per Game:
2004- 264.3 (2nd)
2005- 289.3 (7th)
2006- 277.8 (8th)
2007- 281.1 (6th)

Average Points Allowed Per Game:
2004- 25.4 (7th)
2005- 21.9 (4th)
2006- 20.8 (3rd)
2007- 28.7 (8th)

To be fair, Creehan was working with a rebuilt Stampeder defence in 2007 containing several rookies. On the other hand, he would face a similar challenge with a 2008 Ticat defence in which only three or four starters from last year are secure. It will be a daunting task for Creehan, Miller, Roach or whomever else eventually gets the job.

guess the new DC needs to be better known by you,ticat sack attack? people who know anything about the cfl know exactly who mike roach is. just remember, that it isn't always the most well-known guy who gets the job done. to me and alot of other cfl observers denny creehan is really just a name.as the stats man pointed out, he really hasn't done much.i'm not sure you'll find someone else who is any more qualified than mike roach to run this D.

merry X-mas
city legend

Can we wheel in SUDSY... Noone knows
more about defence than Don.
I love the Guy!

If Not Ritche, then, Who? ------ Greg Marshal-former CFL coach of the year would make a great D.C with CFL experience! :thup:

Miller would be a great fit at DC in Hamilton . The point made earlier that they want someone more well known is excactly the kind of name we dont want .

Who wants to trot out the same old old boys club ?? Lets get progressive and Miller would be perfect but then thier are names out thier that we havent even thought of or dont even know . Let Obie and Taffe get thier man .

I would like to nominate Dennis Mcphee as another candidate . He served his time as an assistant under some very fine DCS such as Don Sutherin !!!

I doubt very much that he would be ready at this stage to be a DC, but I'd sure take a look at Rob Hitchcock for some position on the staff; special teams, DBs, LBs, something...with a view to him eventually becoming the DC.

Mad how long do you figure a guy has to be an assistant before he`s ready for the CFL ????

Do you even know how long Dennis MaCphee (sp ??) was an assistant in the CFL and who he coached under and the players that he helped on D Lines in his carreer ? I think the list of people would really surprise you !!!!


No offence to McPhee, but he is not DC material. He just doesn't have the necessary experience.

So you are saying Denniscoaching experience isnt enough, tsa????

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=14478&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 8&writer=0[/url]

You have pretty high standards.

Less Browne, line one. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Just for the secondary? I'd buy that.

Less Browne would make a great assistant DC and DB coach . I see him at so many games and I think , what a waste !!! A hall of fame DB coach who lives in Hamilton and the Cats dont hire the guy ???

AS for McPhee , Im not even sure he would take the job as he is Head coach at Waterloo but to say he doesnt have the credentials is ridiculous . I think its another matter of hes Canadian so he cant be a DC ?? Thats foolish , ask Joe Montford and the boys if he can coach !!!!

I don't know how long a person should be an assistant before being ready to be a coordinator; I think it would vary greatly depending on the individual. I do not know if Hitch would be interested in a coaching career, and if so, whether he would be good as an assistant first or would be good starting right off as a coordinator. I was just throwing a name out that might be considered..........

Mad you can throw as many names out as you like . Hitchcock may be a good coach some day who knows .

               I was just suggesting McPhee because I know of his background especially in Hamilton . He worked in the CIS and in the CFL , he knows our game and he knows what Hamilton fans want in a defence . I hope he at least gets a phone call from Obie !!!

Well whoever they get here's hoping that Hamilton once again features a fearsome, smash-mouth, never quit defence that was the hallmark of Hamilton football for oh so many years.

Exactly, Hab! Dennis is as close as one is going to get to Sudsy with Sudsy in retirement at this point. Deke learned Sutherin's system and has ample CFL -- and particularly Ticat -- experience. In lieu of Less Browne being hired, Deke McPhee would be a close #2 selection for me.

Oski Wee Wee,

Considering Hitch's comments, I think he may have burned his bridges in this city football-wise...