If Not Charlie...Who?

Well, in an effort to assist the great minds that run this organization, let's help them funnel their efforts toward this endeavour.

Personally, I'm not a Dave Ritchie fan, as I think his teams have historically lacked discipline.

I want Charlie back, but if not...

Let's turn this thing on it's ear...I want Dunigan :stuck_out_tongue:


He didn't get a fair shake in Calgary.

Hendy77, no need to worry about Ritchie. He is retired. Besides, his heart couldn't take the stress of a Head Coaching Job.

I'd like Dunnigan too, but would he be willing to give up a secure broadcaster's job to take on a very precarious position with the Cats?

I’d like Matt Dunnigan too, but would he be willing to give up a secure football broadcast analyst’s job to take on a very insecure job with the Tiger Cats?

Matt Dunigan cannot do the job...and if you think Ritchie's teams were undisciplined, wait till you see Matt's...as OC at Valdosta State, his players were very penalty and mistake-prone...

Agree Give Matts a Shot


He didn't get a fair shake in Calgary.

Dunnigan!! are you kidding me? he couldn't do it a Valdosa state and he was a total bust in Calgary, teams undisciplined, you think that the Cats were a mess last year just be careful what you wish for. with Dunnigan 2008 will be 0 and 18.

Greg Marshall from Winnipeg or Richie Hall from Saskatchewan.

Ritchie Hall will be promoted to HC in Saskatchewan as soon as the job becomes available.

TiCats cant afford to gamble on Matt, I think Dave would be less a gamble. Why didnt anybody else pickup Matt. Matt needs to play OC under some experience coach for a year or two at least.

Sure, if Austin leaves, he’d be a lock. So why not steal him out from under them?

Jeff Rheinbold: his unorthodox style would fit this increasingly peculiar organization...

My first choice would be Al Bruno!

Or how about Marv Levy...or Greg Marshall (NOT the other one!)...or we could give Lancaster another go...or how about bring Marcel back...he screwed up GM so bad, at least we'd know what were in for...better the devil you know than the devil you don't!

Well he won 6 games with Calgary without a q.b, but i wouldn't want him here considering the comments he made about Casey, but I also still think he'll make a good head coach in this league.

if dunigan why not danny mac??
i'm not a big higgins fan but he has already coached with creehane or burrato would fit because he's worked previously with printers.

Cause we Can.

He's retired because noone offered him a HC job.
He is only interested in being a HC.
If the Cats offered him the HC job I'm sure he
would take it.
He also loves Danny Mac and would offer him an
assistants job.

Why would he offer DMac a job?

Who says he'd want one?

Dave Ritchie, even if he wanted it, would be a short term fix at best, and is that really what this team needs? I don't think so; if you want to attract some quality FAs, better start showing some stability.

My vote would be a tie between Greg Marshall and Richie Hall; whichever one is content to work with the OC and DC already in place.

Dunigan is entertaining in the booth and he's knowledgeable but he hasn't shown he can be a HC so why choose him. This team was so bad, it can't afford to have a guy learn on the job. They need a top-tier guy to right this ship and for one reason or another, none of the choices is acceptable (either too old, unproven, under contract....).

Burrato might be a good fit since he's worked with Printers as emms1 has pointed out. But I wouldn't hesitate to cast my net really, really wide if Taafe isn't returning. (Unfortunately, I think he is)

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