If Nobody Posts are the Als and Argos Really Playing?

Argos look awful.

Compared to last week, Glenn looks like a veteran QB who has had a few practices and reps with his receivers; offence looks more solid with a veteran decision maker in the pocket. Amazing what happens when the defence can't take one look at the QB and know what is coming. KG is NOT (IMO, likely anyone's opinion) anywhere near being a strong QB, or a long term solution, but is a legit CFL QB who has seen it all before.

How bad are the Argos right now? OMG, so bad it's brutal for that team. Trevor, forget about being most paid, think about are you going to have a job in the CFL next year. Yikes! :o

Don’t worry nobody will notice.

Give up a safety to get a field goal; the CFL Football Gods are smiling on Jim Popp so far tonight.

I actually feel sorry for the Argos, who must be thoroughly demoralized by their recent shabby treatment.