If Montreal hosts the east final?

If they host the final ,are they playing in Olympic stadium like past years?If so lets pack the place with black and yellow like Steeler Fans pack opposing parks.that would be awesome!!!

If it's at the Big-O, I'll be there.

I don't see why they would change it this year especially since they might be holding the Eastern Final (hopefully your Cats will have something to say about over the next several weeks). Percival Molson is too small for play-off games.

lets get there first :thup:

Yeah you don't want to end out like the 2001 Bombers. Winnipeg was cocky going into the Grey Cup and got beat by Calgary as a result. NEVER look past any team.

we get there 1st then its a one game deal,,,ya never know

Ticat fans can't pack their own stadium, forget about travelling to another city!