If money were no object, what would your dream CFL live experience be?

In the vision of a prosperous future there has to be an ideal. Think of what you love about the CFL live experience if it were a dream scenario. Describe the single best time you ever had or the regular things that keep you coming back to Canadian football at the stadium.

If it is your preference to watch a game in person as part of a sold out crowd put that down. On the other hand if what you like is leg room and no one crossing your face during the action list that.

Let me try to make this sensible:

It was the discussion of American expansion that made me consider this thread. The expansion of 1993-95 was a terribly exciting thing that flamed out before it caught fire. From the Sacramento Gold Miners at Hornet Field to the San Antonio Texans at the Alamodome and everything in between it was an extraordinary situation for the CFL and its teams. A failure yes but an awful ambitious try.

Anyway my choice for the American expansion club immediately was Windsor before remembering that's Canada. Before that it was Sacramento so perhaps the point escaped me.

My travels seldom take me out of the province of Ontario; the last time was to Montreal in 2004. Usually there is a weekend featuring games at Toronto and Hamilton and that's the time to go. Both are fun dates regardless of the crowd size honestly. To me anyhow.

So the topic is: were it up to you alone and money were no object describe your optimum CFL live experience and be honest. And tasteful of course ha ha.\

To wit: 1988 Ottawa played Calgary in the snow at Lansdowne. Maybe six thousand patrons and a pair of woeful teams. One of the best times ever at a football game.

Start with yourself at centre field or at the goal line or wherever and however many rows up you like to view the field. Just you. Then start building a crowd around you. Determine how many fans you want to enhance your game experience.

Dreaming is free and it might lead the way to an enlightened CFL.

Pete Boyle.

I'd book a few clusters of that BMO fieldside seats for the Sept 1 CNE/pre-Labour Day match vs Hamilton.

I'd populate the two clusters north of centre field with a combination of forum regulars who are Argo fans and underprivileged kids from Toronto.

I'd populate the two clusters south of centre field with a combination of forum regulars who are Ticat fans and underprivileged kids from Hamilton.

And I'd have Pinball down there keeping us Argo fans in line and Bob Young doing the same for the bad guys.


And the idea is that is YOUR favourite way to watch the game. Your vision is generous and kind.

Interesting for me to note that you eschew staging the Labour Day game at Toronto.

Just to be clear: it is your dream scenario rather than what is best for anyone else.

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to even think about it.

Best of luck.

For scheduling, I just went with the 2021 schedule. I'm hoping it would have a good vibe with the CNE going on and the Labour Day match just a few days away.

I also think attending games is more fun with kids around enjoying themselves. Since I don't have any of my own, getting kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend pro sports would add to the fun atmosphere.

You're right: children bring a great vibe and excitement.

Your explanation justifies your choice.


A League Wide CFL seasons pass would be the ultimate
Each week travel to a different city and see a different game (you can even follow your home team if you like; us eastern division folks prob not so concerned with this)
Cost is too much we all know but it could really help out the optics as well (eg Sask fans who get a trip to Toronto when team visits)

And of course Grey Cup :slight_smile:



This is more what I had in mind myself but your notion of an ideal experience exceeds mine.

Exactly right.

It's how many games will you attend if it were strictly a matter of willpower.

Good for you Kav2001c.

Pretty simple really. I’d travel to all of my team’s games, including play-offs, and concluding with the Grey Cup. Have a ‘local’ beer and specialty meal every game.


Mine would be to take in a Lion’s game in every stadium including one in the Maritimes. I’m almost there, 5 so far.

Excellent answer. Great fan.

Let's expand the idea to exceed the status quo.

B.C. versus Dallas Cowboys for instance.

That sort of thing.