If Michael Bishop Can Start, Why Not a Canadian?

I'm watching guys like Michael Bishop play another horrid football game last week.
For the umpteenth time.
Then there's the Argos starting some third stringer who was clearly out of his league.
Then you have the Blue bombers (again} starting some left hander at the start of the season
whose name I've already forgotten, who was equally as pitiful.
And I'm wondering.
Could a Canadian do any worse a job then the above mentioned did?
Like why not give a Canadian a chance at QB, especially in a nothing game, to see what he can do?
Here in London Western has a QB Michael Faulds, who has a cannon for an arm.
Why not give him a chance. Or Eric Glavin from Calgary?
I'm not saying these guys would be superstars right away.
But you look at all these American has beens and never beens getting chances,
so why not our own?

Ya why not give them a chance!!! btw one of the best games this weekend features Faulds vs Branagan :thup: :thup:

i nominate Matt Dunnigan for CFL commish :thup: 8)" Dunigan: It's a unique aspect of the game, playing it, managing it, coaching it… You've got to keep the Canadian ratio where it is at, you can't go backwards. In fact, I'd like to see them increase the Canadian content, and more specifically, at the quarterback position.

Right now it is mandated that you have to have three quarterbacks on your roster. Mandate it in the new CBA that one of those quarterbacks has got to be a Canadian so young Canadians can aspire to play the most difficult position to play in the Canadian Football League.

Look at all the American quarterbacks that come up here and people miss on. You can't tell me that a Canadian kid can't develop on that roster. I had Tommy Denison in 2004 on my roster trying to do that when I was in Calgary. I'd like to see more general managers do that and I'd like to see them be forced to do that in the new CBA."

As much as I love CIS football, I think it is unrealistic to expect 26 Canadian Universities (there may be a hand full of Canadian qb's backing up in the NCAA) to be able to produce 8 pro calibre quarterbacks to stock CFL rosters.

There is on occasion a special Canadian qb that comes along, that is when a team has got to show some courage & give the kid a legitimate chance.

I don't know about that Gil.
I've seen some pretty bad American QB's in this league the past few seasons.
I'm saying our Canadians couldn't be worse then them.
So why not give our outstanding ones a chance?
Like could a Canadian have done any worse then the guys the Argos have started this season?

No one is saying start 8 CIS trained qb,s next season, just have to start somewhere and over a decade there could be three Canadian starting qb,s and 4 or 5 backups,(Fair assumption) which would stop the airlift of NCAA qb,s who DO NOT deserve the roster spots!!

Now THAT is a very, very valid point !! [except that it's THAN, not then]

Wow, for once, I agree with berezin.. if some the Canadian QBs in the CIS can play, there should be some teams that might want to give them a legit chance to see if they can make the leap to the CFL. Winnipeg and Toronto need to find QBs.. no matter if they are American or Canadian.

They should designate one QB roster spot as Canadian. There's three spots, still pleanty of room for a starter and an airlift American, but it would get some Canadian QBs a chance to be on the roster and maybe get some reps. Right now the GMs are too happy to pass them over entirely in favor of more Americans.

I thought that for awhile, but now, but like any other player, the Canadian QB has to prove that he is worthy of making a CFL roster.. all they need is for some teams to give them that chance-- and franchises like the Bombers and Argos should take a serious look at some the talent in the CIS right now.

I would've too but he didn't finish his post with a Tarzan yell.

Hey, does Bishop not start for the Bombers? Perhaps it is safe to say a Canadian could have done better than any one that Mike Kelly dressed this year. I never said not to give a Canadian qb a chance, but to expect CIS schools to produce 8 3rd string quarterbacks is unrealistic. I would prefer Chris Leak over a kid from the CIS. I would prefer a few kids from CIS over Steven Reaves any day though.

It's truly a nice thought..

but you'll never see it happen, unfortunately... :frowning:

there's a lot to being a QB than just having a Cannon Arm or quick feet.


I had both..

There are many things that a QB needs to be able to understand and accomplish in the lifetime that they get to either prove themselves or get released a year or two later.

If it were as simple as having a very strong arm, we'd have seen a lot of QB's from Canada in the CFL by now.

there's the aspect of being able to play under a crowd of 30-50,000 and not fold, or crumble in the pressure.

the fact the Pro level is so much faster and stronger than CIS is a huge factor.

Experience is another factor. Ability to read defenses, ability to find the 2nd or 3rd receiver JUST LIKE THAT!

Size is a huge factor. if you wanna make it in the CFL as a QB, and Canadian, you better be 6'2" at least.. because if you're 5'11" like Durant, and you're Canadian.. JUST because you are a Canadian, they'll over look you immediately.

it's unfair but that's the facts. you have to be better in every category before they'll look at you.

It's not easy being a QB. especially if you're Canadian.

IMO the problem with designating 1 of the 3 QB roster spots as Canadian is that the CFL is having a hard enough time developing QB's.

There are only 26 CIS football programs. So the question is can 26 CIS programs supply 33% of CFL QB's? I don't think so.

It is pretty common for the good CIS QB's to start for 4 years. So if half of the QB's in the CIS are CFL prospects, that means 13 QB prospects playing in the CIS, of which only 3 or 4 graduate every year. IMO that's not a deep enough talent pool to draw 8 (hopefully 9 or 10) NI QB's. Well, at least for the forseeable future, it would probably take 10 years to ramp up a league-wide NI QB roster spot.

Mandating that 1/3 of the QB roster spots as Canadian also takes away flexibility and IMO would make QB development harder. With 3 US QB's, ideally a team has a proven starter, a serviceable backup and a QB prospect. Edmonton has the perfect setup, last year it was all-star Ray as the starter, veteran Maas as the backup/assistant QB coach, and Lefors as the prospect.

For 2009, they gave up on Lefors and upgraded his prospect QB spot with Zabransky. Now he gets a year or two to figure out the Canadian game/the offense and send Maas into retirement. Then they bring in another prospect and hopefully in a few more years he takes Ricky Ray's job.

If CFL teams needed a NI QB, they'd all jump at a big, mobile, strong arm CIS QB like Glavic being on a roster, but it would take 4 or 5 years before he is really game ready (most US QB's take that long) But if rookie like Glavic is a team's NI QB what happens when the starter goes down and the US backup QB is a raw rookie too?

Now if they add a 4th QB spot for NI's, I think that's a great idea.

The Canadian kids ,start later, don’t play all year around, have to work in the off season and not train like the American College QB’S, they’re over 300 million Americans and Football has very low enrollment compared to other sports in Canada. Eg. Hockey,soccer, Baseball and a few more ahead of Football.

I do think CFL teams should expand their practice roster one spot and keep a Canadian QB on it for the year and see if a kid could potentially develop. As of now the CIS kids don't have a chance, we need to put more time ,money and programs in place to close the gap between U.S. kids and Canadian kids. But at the end of the day, they have 50 qb's for our every 1 and that ratio won't change , if anything the Americans are more football mad than ever.

Re brethalifax wrote-“Now he gets a year or two to figure out the Canadian game” = My point American qb,s don,t know the Canadian game,(neither does Andros) therefore CIS QB,s are 2 to 3 years ahead of them in that respect :cowboy:

Thats all baloney.
I remember hearing Americans say the Japanese wouldn't be good enough to play in their league.
Now the Japs are the world champions two times running.
Give Canadian guys a chance and see what happens.
Instead of these washed up retreads from the US of A.
Plus a Canadian would sell a few more tickets as well.

That would be baseball I was talking about concerning the Japanese

I want to see a team give a Canadian QB a chance. An actual chance in a game. Not a couple snaps in practice. We've seen some REALLY bad QB performences over the last couple years. It's hard to imagine we could seen anything much worse.