If Masoli Leaves will he be the next Calvillo?

Don't we always hope for that! :slight_smile:

I think it’s called football in North America?

fair enough. lol

I would like to see Zach finish off the season to settle this QB issue for us fans. For me I feel we have a better chance with Masoli. I just don't think Zach will be able to avoid the rush as he seems to be looking for the deep throw which makes no sense when you don't have the time. At the same time though if we continue to run the ball this could all change. Let's just hope the right decision is made for the best. LGTC's :-\

The answer is just dump Masoli and keep Collaros.

I'm not smart enough to know what they should do, and there sure are lots of permutations.

But I would hazard a guess that June Jones will be back as coach and that if Masoli re-signs here, ZC will be traded before the season starts.

I would not expect a huge return in such a trade. His lack of playing time this season won't increase his value, and his results when he was playing weren't good. Blame that on the coaches, injuries, the surrounding cast, whatever. What little evidence there is the last two years does not make a terrific highlight reel.

If he ends up elsewhere, I wish him well.

steve: But will Austin be back? The Caretaker has assured us Scott Mitchell is untouchable. But no such assurance about Austin.
One more permutation.

[justify]I think most people here certainly respect Masoli and what he has done, myself included.[/justify]

[justify]Masoli may be capable of more, but for me, the difference between him and ZC boils down to this:[/justify]

[justify]Watching Masoli, I feel like the win is never guaranteed, its a scratch and claw type of game that comes down to a few plays that can go either way that determines the winner. Those make for edge of your seat, entertaining games, but can that style go the distance over an entire season all the way to a Grey Cup victory?[/justify]

[justify]ZC...we've seen what he can do. And what he can do is be the best QB in the CFL. He dominates opponents and puts up huge scores, usually determining we get the 'W' before halftime. Its that kind of dominance at the QB position that we usually see on Grey Cup winning teams, which leads me to believe if we want a Grey Cup, we need ZC.[/justify]

[justify]Assuming ZC is 100% healthy, his issues must be a confidence thing. The coaches....the organization as a whole..... need to get that sorted out as priority #1, and if they can't, bring in coaches who can, otherwise, some other team will.[/justify]

I, too, like both guys and I certainly think Masoli should have been getting a lot of respect in each of the '15, '16 and '17 seasons. In the year you didn't mention, he was #4 on Austin's QB depth chart when the season started and then finished up the year doing plenty to have won the Eastern Final, before the D gave it away. I wouldn't, at this point and perhaps never, suggest Masoli is the better QB, when compared to Collaros, but I do believe that, looking at the whole big picture of the make-up of this team, Jeremiah does now, and would in seasons to come, provide the best bang for Caretaker's bucks and his management's efficiency in operating under the SMS. Also, I think that will be particularly important in '18, the final season under the current collective agreement.

Jones is a smart guy, not sure why he wouldn't have a package of plays for ZC in his game plan. Seems like a logical thing to do. It isn't like you would be doing this for a deadbeat QB. ZC is all star quality when right. Would make the team better IMO.

I don't think Austin will be going anywhere. He is under contract for 2 more seasons at BIG $$$. Would not be a good business decision to let him go. He might be just fine as a GM only when he doesn't have coaching responsibilities to go with it.

I am surprised JJ hasn't put Zack in either with a specific play package that compliments his skills. As far as Austin and leaving for the NCAA he would be nuts to stay here , US college coaches make big big money. I would like to see Ed Harvey here.

Do you mean Steve Harvey or Ed Hervey? :wink:
Hervey will do a good job for some CFL team in the future.

Austin seems to have joined the Young/Mitchell club. Nothing wrong with that as I believe in organizational stability. Austin could be the one taking over for Mitchell eventually.
He also may not want to move again and go through the grind of a college season.

Correction Ed Hervey. Auto correct sucks.

How I compare Masoli to Collaros:

  1. Who is a better passer ( accuracy )? - Collaros
  2. Who has the better arm? - Collaros
  3. Who is a better scrambler? - Masoli
  4. Who gives us a better chance to win? - Masoli
    In all the games Masoli has played this year - we were in all of them. We lost 2 games because of bad officiating, and suspect Coaching calls, in the last minutes.
    So, for my money - I will stick with Masoli, because somehow - he always finds a way to win ( or put us in a position to win ).
    This is an intangible that cannot be taught.

If I were the coach, I would get the best bang for the buck in trading Collaros, and go with J.M., and the 3rd stringer..

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

In Kent's situation, I'd have more than gladly joined that club, too.
Without much knowledge of the actual details to back up my following thought, I see the three of them as having a common thread -- They all have, unnecessarily IMO, over-paid and, moreso, over-extended the contracts of certain individuals under their command.

Hindsight is always 20/20. If they hadn’t re-signed Zach when they did, people would have been all over Austin for not going after out franchise QB. Same with signing Laurent the ratio buster. He has played great when not hurt.
Everyone seems to ignore the facts as they were at that time.
Who else is overpaid or over extended?

Again, without knowledge of the actual details, I'd say Mitchell and Austin.

So in other words....No....first you don’t know what they’re paid and you don’t know what other similar positions on other teams are paid. So why guess and state that they’re overpaid or over extended. Bob Young is not stupid and has owned and run several organizations. I would think he knows how to spend his money.

Mitchell and Austin's pay have nothing to do with the cap. Over spending or at least presumed over spending on Collaros and Laurent is a cap hit. It would be nice to see how the Arblows and Edmonton have spent their cap money and how much they have paid their top performers.