If Masoli Leaves will he be the next Calvillo?

It all depend on how badly the team actually wants him and how much moolah that another possible team will be willing to dangle in his face . Keep in mind that you have it reversed here . Collaros is under contract for next season , it's Masoli that is the free agent . I'm thinking and guessing that as long as Jones is HC of this team moving forward , the team will eventually re-sign Masoli as their starter as he is Junes boy and has been ever since JJ took over this team from Austin and his boy Collaros .

Personally if you ask me it's abundantly obvious and crystal clear that Jones and this organization has absolutely no interest in keeping Collaro's around past this season or sees him in the future of this team moving forward. Just by looking at their actions in regards to Zach and how he is being treated as an afterthought is to me screaming out loud and clear that Zach is out of here and heading to parts unknown next year.......the bigger question of course is just where that unknown is and where exactly Zach will wind up next season..........Hopefully it's somewhere out West and not with that team down the Q.E.W :-\

The one thing that I'm hoping and praying for is that this team does NOT sign and bring in that over-rated POMPOUS ,ARROGANT NARCISSISTIC little Johnny Arsehole as Zach's replacement next year. >:(
(insert multiple thumbs down here)

But if they did bring in Johnny M, when would he ever see the field? From what we've seen of June Jones, he makes Austin look like a proponent of a two-QB system in comparison. Best we can tell, there is never a scenario that warrants sitting down the starter, short of a 30-point differential in a game.

That is life in the CFL, not good enough to play on one team another team grabs you. Sometimes referred to as CFL experience. Wide field, all the motion, too confusing for most. Things need to change or the CFL will not exist.

Trust me I can't see any scenario where Johnny or his agent would agree to sign a contract where he wasn't guaranteed the starters job . Anybody who thinks that this little egomaniac would come to this league and just be satisfied to hold a clipboard and be a second banana is sadly mistaken in my book .
I honestly can't for the life of me figure out or understand how some fans of this team fawn all over this guy like he's going to be some sorta messiah that will lead this team to the promised land and be the next coming of Flutie . To all of ya's on here that are trumpeting his name and worshipping at is altar ? Do me a favour and give yer heads a shake because ya all have a hole in yer marble bags if you think that signing this over-rated hack is the magic elixir and the answer that yer all looking for .

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times already........JUST SAY "NO" to Johnny !!!

We don't need him , don't want him , anywhere near this team , anywhere near this city !!!

Pardon me? Hoping you can elaborate on the doomsday prediction.

We have always been divided, on one thing or another. At least since these chat boards existed in ~2004. There has always been bickering, even in winning seasons. (Remember the McManus Wars?)

One by-product is that many fans have bailed because the bickering drove them crazy. So we are left with fewer moderates and relatively more of the argumentative types like myself. This deepens the appearance of division, but may not reflect the reality of the fan base as a whole.

You have to paint the whole picture in a ZC or Masoli comparisons.
Are both guys good CFL QBs? YUP both are although I think ZC was a better QB in his prime than Masoli ever will be I am not convinced that ZC will regain this form.

Does one come cheaper than the other? YUP Masoli will be a relative bargain which will allow the Cats to upgrade at a number of positions. If Masoli comes in at $375,00/year that is $150,000 to spend elsewhere. That allows for a $50K upgrade at 3 positions on the field which is massive.

Would trading ZC bring in additional assets and or draft picks? YUP. The trading of Zach would bolster the team with additional talent that if done correctly will serve the Cats well for years to come.

Which QB does the coach prefer? Seems to me Masoli is his choice and if Jones returns he should have his choice of who his QB will be.

So to me it is not as easy as i prefer Zach or I prefer JM. This is the camp that I am in.

I'm not so sure TOR will give up on Ricky Ray, He has had a very good season under Trestman.
I would consider him as a candidate for the East MVP.
Ricky Ray is a Free Agent after this season and doesn't at all look to me like he is ready to retire.
Those that think Collaros is going to unseat Ricky Ray may have a surprise and bringing in Collaros as a $520K back up to Ray is certainly not going to happen.

Potential landing spots for Collaros would be

TOR- If Rick Ray is not re-signed
MTL - If Durant is released or takes a restructured contract on his $400K
BC - Jennings has 1 yr left @$300K
SSK - Glenn has 1yr left @ $200K

Of course there is an option of just releasing Collaros before his front end loaded contract kicks in, probably a big chunk of it coming in February, however if the Cats absorbed that big chunk on their Cap, Guessing say $150K is owed in FEB. His tradeability would be increased and open $375k cap to the Cats.

I wonder how much leverage Ray will have as a free agent? It's hard to imagine another team going all-in to make him their starter, at his age and with his history of injuries. I think Burris (who was much more durable) got lucky that there was an expansion team starting up just as his luck appeared to be running out - and the decision worked out great for both him and OTT.

If Ray wants to keep playing he may have to do so as the elder statesman type, playing second fiddle and mentor to some young buck.

If TOR does indeed want him back as a starter, they will probably continue to pay him near whatever level he is currently getting, because there is no justification for a pay cut. So that's likely to be his best option.

But -- Masoli was a capable starter last year too -- under Austin. He outperformed Collaros last year, and was the QB for most of our wins.

I like both guys, but I don't know how many 300 yd passing games, player of the week honours, long runs, and wins Masoli has to amass before he starts to get some respect.

He's 5 and 3 with a team that was 0 and 8 without him. He's also a few QB sneaks away from 8 and 0 (Jones!). That's a remarkable turnaround, and although there have been lots of changes including the coach, nothing means more than the QB change -- just look at the GB Packers for evidence of that.

Ray has been surprisingly durable this season. One of the VERY few Arblows that I don't mind.
If he does not get signed in the off season he could lay in the weeds and wait for a QB hungry team to give him a call once the season starts. i don't see him interested in being a straight up backup.

I agree with MOST of what you're saying. Until this year he still turned the ball over too much and was not better than Collaros last year. Masoli had starting receivers and Collaros had backups. This team was decimated with injuries when Zach took over last year.

I do agree that he deserves to be our starter next year and I'd be ok with it. I do however temper expectations because when Masoli throws 27 of 33 completions either behind the line of scrimmage or 5 yards or less, im not going to get excited over his stats. If that's the offence we are going to run next year than by all means we should move forward with him, he's earned it. But im not going to mistake him for the top QBs in the league because he still hasn't showed he can step back and rip it over the middle with the best of them.

I don't think "what fans on other forms" are saying really matters in determining if Masoli re-signs, its the other GMs.

I think it has to be an organizational decision on whether ZC gets another start (he should) and not simply up to June Jones. Its to important.

ZC should get the last two starts, either he looks great and we keep him or trade him for way more then we could now, or he doesn't look good and at least you'll win ove more of the fans, such as myself that still believes in ZC.

I agree with you 100%, but Jones is running the show and Masoli is his man period. ZC will not be
given a chance. If ZC is still around at TC maybe then he will be able to show his skills but not until
then. Chances are he will be gone by then. Along with any chance of a GC appearance for us.
Zac's confedence has been screwup and it will take time to regain it. But I am a big believer in
Zac's ability. Where ever he lands (Argos or not) I will cheer for him.

With Ottawa's fate hanging in the balance Masoli will be in at QB until the outcome is decided.

Masoli's numbers, projected over the whole season, would put him over 5400 yds passing. He's averaging over 300 yds per game. Those numbers are up there with the best of them.
Masoli also played last year after Collaros was hurt again, with the same injury plagued line up, and he beat the eventual Grey Cup champions in Ottawa.

Again -- I like both guys, but I just wonder why Masoli can't seem to get any respect on this board. He's a Tiger Cat too...

I don't get the doom and gloom either, Pat.

CFL has been around since 1958. I don't have a problem with the wide field or all the motion.

For those who find this too confusing, there is always the NFL.

Home of the fair catch.

Defencerules: Perhaps it's too difficult for you to watch the motion. As a matter of fact everyone can motion including the wideouts who can waggle down the line of scrimmage. I like all the motion and deception I like the the way the offence trys to trick the defence.

he's averaging 284.5 yards per game in starts (nothing to sneeze at, certainly, still 5100 pro-rated yards on the season) but not "over 300" as you're implying. (Coaches gave him some garbage time reps in the first half of the season)

Of Masoli's starts 5 of the 8 have been against teams with below .500 records. (which does however include good showings against Calgary and Winnipeg)

Crash's point still stands, Masoli is highly serviceable, especially in this system, but really can't be confused with any of the top QB's in the league.

If starting Masoli is the game plan in 2018 and beyond, we'd better hope the defense can keep winning turnover battles and that special teams stays above average.

I'm not sure how else I have to frame this... So I'll try again.

He's not being asked to make tough throws. He's completing screen passes that go for 50 yards at times.

The yardage numbers are not a true reflection of his passing ability.

I'm not sure why people think I'm insulting him when I make these observations... It's just what I see.