If Masoli Leaves will he be the next Calvillo?


Just having fun on here with the Collaros curmudgeons!

I personally love watching the guy (Masoli). As far as Collaros, I missed that old hitch in his passing motion, nice to see him in for a series. Jones rewarded him for good behavior!

I found it rather insulting and classless that such an accomplished player was given one lousy series in a meaningless game, in garbage time no less. Zach should bail.

Too late. Every player who has left the Ticats in the past decade or so has been “the next Calvillo?. At least for a moment in time. Until they weren’t anymore.

For perspective I always go to other teams forums... Their fans are hoping to get Collaros Franklin or Jennings.

Nobody talking about Masoli.

Leaving would be the biggest mistake he ever makes. And we should lowball him in contract negotiations because he's a product of Jones system.

Hopefully "old man Jones" doesn t leave or it's the end of his run as a capable starter in this league

Great point. I too peruse other team forums & you are right. Not one set of fans from another team clamor for Masoli.

What started as the potential Franklin sweepstakes has now been expanded to Zach.

He's a pure passer who can play under many systems. Masoli found his under Jones but still needs every other facet of the game to play well, while all 2015 Zach needed was the 1st half and then let the defense feast.

All jones needed was one series to see poor mechanics and average arm live. Their is plenty of tape and live practice to go around.
Golson actually had some good mechanics and a crisp pass and nice run.
I betcha he plays again.
Shilz in Montreal was fast and has a great arm, he'll get some pt in a couple weeks, the next Calvillo too?

Nobody's clamoring for Masoli for the same reason nobody is mentioning Nichols, Mitchell, Bridge, Harris, etc... none of them are going anywhere... ie. they're wanted unlike Collaros.

You picked that up from watching three pass attempts?

Maybe you should be a coach, or a scout.

I'm sick of Jones attitude on Collaros: " I must not give Collaros enough time to prove that
he would have been a better choice that Masoli at QB. If that happened it might not look
good on me and I may not get the permanent Head Coaching job. " Tough Sh*T!

Collaros has sat back quietly and wait for his chance and he gets one set of downs.
I hope he does not take a pay cut and lands up in Argoland and beats the sh*t out of us.
And as a sixty year ticat fan I will be cheering him on. >:( >:( >:(

"If Masoli leaves will he be the next Calvillo?"

No. Maybe the next Kevin Glenn if he sticks around long enough.

Heapbag wrote:"....He's (Zach) a pure passer who can play under many systems. Masoli found his under Jones but still needs every other facet of the game to play well, while all 2015 Zach needed was the 1st half and then let the defense feast."

Excellent assessments!

I'm still wavering on why Zach is still on the sidelines after all this time. Some days I think it's because he has some lingering problem with injuries. Concussion?
Other times I think they may just be hanging on to him until next year's coaching and management is sorted out. He is too valuable an asset to heave over the side at this stage. Even if they do eventually trade him, they'd be even nuttier to trade him to TO, or Montreal.

Have TiCat fans ever been more divided, on anything, than we are now on Collaros and Masoli?

The next Calvillo?
WHAT, ZC is going to be a lousy OC if he leaves??

I guess I am looking a Zach's time in the game differently than most. I saw him go in with about 7 1/2 minutes to play, and had the opportunity to move the club down the field. He still had the majority of the the starters with him, I believe, and stayed on the field until the Cats gave up possession. He completed two passes, they had a short run, and then an incompletion. Cats kicked and then Montreal had about a three minute and change scoring drive. Golson got the mop-up time with the back-ups.

I don't see any insult or slight to Zach, he was given some playing time, but the Cats were not able to sustain a drive. Had they done so, I'm sure Zach would have stayed on the field.

You can logically argue that Jones might have put him in earlier, you can logically argue that Jones might have let him finish out rather than Golson, but to argue that Zach was somehow insulted or slighted is, for me, a stretch and reflects only on your own impressions, not necessarily those of the team.

EVERYTIME a Tiger cat player moves to another team, we get this "what is the management here thinking?" monologue.

Sometimes, they do better, AND sometimes they DON'T.

It is NOT pure science.

Except for those who believe that every person who is recruited is a keeper.

Well said Palmer, IMHO, I thought that Zach should have gone in at minimum, one series earlier.
He actually should have gone in at the end of the 3rd QTR after the Masoli TD to make it 33-7.
Make no mistake, as long as Coach Jones is here and Masoli is re-signed, a healthy Masoli will be the starting QB on this team, until Jones feels he doesn't give the team the best chance to WIN!
Jones' Offence is built around Masoli

After what happened in MTL, I think it's pretty clear, Zach won't be back.

I wonder if any team will pick Masoli or try to get Collarus in free agency?

Between this, the Manziel wait, and the pending free agency signings it will be a most intriguing and worrisome off season for those who cheer for the black and gold.

Here is where management in Hamilton will truly earn their paychecks, as well as their praise or criticisms.

I totally agree, that was not only an embarrassment to Zach, but also to the Organization.
Unbelievable show of disrespect to a great and humbleleader.

Once the backups came in for the last series it would be disrespectful to leave a veteran like Zach in the game IMO.