If Macho can stay healthy

Macho Harris has been awesome in the Dbackfield when healthy for the Riders. Rod Williams at on CB and Harris at the other will be tough to beat.
With the Riders looking to lose some key players to CFL FA and to the NFL two things appear to be staying in place.
The Oline and the D-Backfield. The two Units where continuity are most important in football the Riders will still be loaded.
The DBs are really deep. I will say signing Canadian safety Graig Newman may look small but is big member of that D backfield being able to come in on Cover 2 as the second safety

I'm still waiting to see what happens with Butler!!But Macho back is one of a several key players I wanted to see back! Losing Weston is gonna hurt!!

Indeed Dressler will hurt bad. depending on what happens in the NFL he could be back with the Riders around Labor day.
Butler I think will be very highly sought after. his ability to play the Wil LB spot makes him a ratio buster type player. Although there have been reports that he wants to move back to safety full time so if someone can offer him that with the money he seeks will be a fit for him.
I have seen Hurl from the mid point of 2012 when he began to be part of the second and long package on defense as becoming the starting Will LB. That could very well happen if Butler goes this season especially with the strenght of the DBs and SAMLB

I'd like to see Macho stay healthy as well.

He got 9 gamed last year. I thought he might have returned but I think the writing was on the wall...........the Riders had little cap space to play with so if you got hurt and they had a good replacement.........you were 9 gamed?

Butler.........no doubt we would like to see him back.

Rod Williams back...........yes.

As for Hurl in the middle............not with Rey around. Williams has to get better and prove he can play the 18 games. But if his knee heals up he's the guy.

I thought Hurl was more likley fit at Wil LB. I think Williams as that MLB spot locked up.
As for Hurls health he was healthy through his rookie year which included that D package as well as special teams.
Also really the Ridrs were so deep that the same may have hpaaend to Hurl as Macho. Wil spot was filled by Butler and backed of by tristan Black who is a vet of special teams and Back up Will Duty to an import.
Without Butler should that happena Canadian that has Hurls skills in his 3rd season should be a nice fit at Will.
With the DBs almost all back into place. and the DEs still strong with Foley, Chick, and a helthy Hille Taylor, along with the other two LBs he will be surrounded with plenty of talent to make the transition into the starting Wil spot