If Maas was released...

Would anyone pick him up?

I think going to Edmonton as a backup would be his only option.

So damn boring...Maas this, Maas that. Is there anything else we can discuss?

Probably not. I think his career is all but over in Hamilton. Well, maybe he could go play semi-pro ball down in the states, the kind of league where players where whatever uniform or equipment they can scrape together.

rusty. go get some football gear and try out. whats the worst that will happen? paralasis?
suck it up wimp. lets get out there and be better than maas. cause you sure as hell arnt helping the cause.

Of course the argos!

The Argos ARE disaparate. My guess they’d pick him up if not for the outrageous salary. Question… If a player gets cut does a team need to pay his current contract to claim him on waivers? If so there is no team that afford the salary unless they have a way of dumping a large salary of their own

The team is only obligated to pay the full season if a player is released in the 2nd half of the season. Labour Day weekend is the cutoff point. So you will see teams cut some guys in the next week or so if things aren't working out on the field.

I know players can be cut prior to Sept 1 but what happens to their contract for teams picking them up? I'm not really clear on the obligations of the team putting in a claim or are the players in question UFAs

As long as it isn't a trade then the new team isn't obligated to pay them what they were making before being cut by another team.

Montreal would scoop him up and ironically he'd back up AC!

Now that would be funny irony but really he'd be a Moe again ,re-negotiate his contract and be happy to be away from all his fans here.....

Of course he'd be picked up. Probably not as a starter nor at his current TiCat salary but as a backup for sure. He knows CFL football, the opposing teams, he's still a relatively young veteran, etc. After all, for all his current problems, he excelled at coming off the bench in Edmonton. I wish Taafe would consider it before giving any thought to releasing or trading him.

An Argo-Cat fan

A few possible answers here. If Maas were released, IMO, the TiCats would be a weaker team, the Eskimos WOULD NOT sign him, and he would be signed by another team.

That would be the funniest thing ever if we released him considering that we started him for 2 years while he was injured then when he finally gets 100% healthy we release him, but the sad thing is it would be consistant with all the other decisions that have been made the last few years.

I simply can't see it happening... despite the wishes of several people... :wink:

I wouldn't hold my breath.

calgary would beacause akili smith cant play anymore and barrick nealy is unproven but does have wheels but i think calgary would for a safety valve

I said basically the same thing with the Danny Mac threads, but they never die. People love bashing QBs in Hamilton.

He is a professional football player. He makes $300,000 a year to play. His job is to perform. He's not doing that. There is an understanding as a pro athlete that you will recieve critisim.

If I failed to do my job at work I wouldn't have a job for very much longer. Neither should Maas.

As well...

I COULD do as well as Maas. I could lose 6 of 7 games very easily! And that 1 win.... well... all I'd have to do was hand Jesse the ball. He won the game for us!


Sign me up coach.


You are obviously a bottom line kinda guy. The problem with that kind of thinking is that you only look at the end result of the games and not what happened during the game to help reach that result.

I would say Maas is maybe responsible for 1 of our 6 losses (first game) and I really mean maybe.