If Maas Starts Next Week...

I think the Maas era is over if Chang is the future then the future is next week if I post this now lol!

We need a nickname for timmy...

I go with Timmy ( The Gun ) Chang

Ya we do need a nickname.

I was excited about Hamilton this year, but this piss poor performance has kind of soured me.

Is this going to be another 8-17 year for Maas?

Even though Timmy Chang threw that interception it would have been prevented if our offense was more discipline.

I defended Maas all last year with the same crap I hear this year already.. it's game 1 of a new system, the O-Line needs to Gel... the Offense needs to gel, Maas threw for 5K yards before, but this was pathetic, Chang MOVED the sticks with authority, I'm TIRED of losing, if it wasn't for a stupid penalty Chang would have put up the ONLY touchdown the Cats would have tonight

Timmy Chang is obviously a better QB. Sure he threw a pick and he could have run the ball into the end zone rather that trying to lead his receiver, however, he was put into the game in the 4th when his team was already down and out.

Start him and we might continue to lose... but at least he's getting great experiece.


I like Maas, but I honestly am sick of him and his dump offs

Well I was so hyped to watch this game and I was happy until Maas started to get tired or something who really know what went wrong. As soon as Timmy came in that hype came back and I was impressed when he was chased out of the pocket and got away unlike Maas getting crushed by 3 players then threw that monster to Ralph and got the interference call. But enough about Maas sucking Chang will be our starter if the coaches are smart.

What did Maas do to lose job? He pretty much executed the plan given him. He doesnt call his own plays.
What did Chang do? Stamps were given receivers 10-15 cushion and on cruise control and Lumsden ran for most of his passing yards.
In the red zone Chang committed the rookie mistakes alot of american rookie QBs make, doesnt see the extra defender.
His other passes were under or over thrown with one short yard pass to Arceneaux which was the kind Mass did.

It's not time to give up on Maas.

Ya what about Maas not seeing Holmes and throwing the football 10 yards over and behind the double covered receiver??????

The only arguing point you have on Timmy is the Int. but if it wasn't for Ralph going offside that would have never happened. But OH WELL GOOOOOOO MAAS!!!!!!!! he is amazing and deserves the QB job :roll:

Anyone that defends Maas at this point is a complete idiot. He threw the ball into the ground umpteen times last year. I was there and watched it happened. Then they fired the rest of the team as if it was someone else’s fault.

I'm sick of you idiots blaming coaches and players for the absolute inadequacies of a stupid and useless quarterback.

Seems kind of funny how Maas overthrows the receiver in the Calgary endzone who is in double coverage, with Holmes wide open in the flat.. but can't seem to see the double coverage on Ralph (albeit) off in the slight distance in the Ticats ENDZONE and throws a strike to him that ends up costing us 7 points

Exactly and If Maas starts next week and does the same CR@P Chang will be the starter for the rest of the season or I've watched my last Tiger Cat game for the season I'm sick of being disappointed.

Yes I will
Everyone is over Reacting..
Yes Maas had a bad game .
But he said he took what he was given.
That was the short game..
what was Jason to do throw Double Coverage
Get Picked
Then We be After for making a Bad Throw.

Yes he looked bad tonight
but timmy is not ready to start IMO
Calgary was in Prevent defence when He was in.

Yeah.. i guess an 81 yard drive on your fist action doesn't warrant at least ONE start.. Maas is a proven QB, but Chang moves the sticks... c'mon now.. you have to take off the blinders.. Maas in NOT the QB everyone is making him out to be

We will see next week if Maas plays the same way(good 90% chance) Chang looked ready enough to make Maas the player he will always be and that is CAREER BACK UP!!!!

5th quarter morons are saying Maas followed the game plan.

I didn’t know a “Game Plan” is to throw the ball 5 yards or less. HMMMMM…that is interesting.

Oh, and then throwing the ball for less yardage into your own endzone. What a joke!

So you are trying to tell me that when Maas plays close to a complete game and puts up 170 yards.... and Chang comes in and throws for 81 in one possession. I know that's not a starting position but off the bench thats pretty darn good. So I don't know what Maas is talking about taking what he was given... A good leader recognizes his mistakes not pawn them off on bad luck and his teams performance... SO... "IMO" neither of them are ready to start, I say pigskin pete could start at QB next week and "Never Wynne" Stadium will be packed to the brim!

I don't think anyone is defending him to the point of saying he had a good game.....but just because some flashy rookie comes into the game when it's already over and completes a few passes, doesn't mean you "cut", "trade", or "bench" your starting QB.

Regardless of your personal opinion of Maas (or anyone's personal opinion of him), he can turn this thing around and have a successfull season. He has had success before and he can again.

To be perfectly honest, marching into Calgary (possibly the best offensive team in the CFL and Grey Cup favourite this year) on opening night with a new coaching staff, a new offence and defence, and an average age of 26 for your players, usually makes for a rough start to the season.

Lets see what happens next week.