If Maas goes down with season ending injury.

How deep in a hole would the Tiger Cats be if Maas' season was brought to a halt tomorrow by injury? Who would start? One of these 2 green kids who the H coach is afraid to start because supposedly neither is ready? Do we bring in somebody who is better than Maas? Do we bring in somebody who is not as good as Maas, so Maas doesn't fear losing his job? Do we offer 3 footballs+ an apology to pry Butler off of the Argos'? Maybe we could borrow Allen for a cup of Tea and 90 cents? Who out there is available?

God forbid Maas goes down!

Would we even have any hope of winning a game this year?

I wonder what the Tiger Cats contingency plan is if our leader drops to his knees.

So your now hoping for our quarterback to get hurt ?????

if maas goes down......start chang or giv kordell stewart a call :smiley:

if we lose tonight.....start chang next week or giv kordell stewart a call :smiley:

my guess would be that chang plays

Is anyone really afraid if Maas goes down to injury. Im sure Marcel could bring someone in that could also score 3 td's in 5 games!

Funny stuff. I don't wish injury on anyone but when its put that way it shows the hilarity of hanging our hats on Maas

If he goes down with an injury I'm sure that there will be an active search and a trade for a QB with CFL experience.
I think they would try to trade for Crandell in Saskatchewan who would love to be a starter or Burris in Calgary who needs a change of scenery.

In fact my sources tell me that if Maas doesn't improve in the next two games, you will see Burris or Crandell starting Labour Day against the Argos - you heard it here first!!!


If that happens we may as well concede that this franchise is dead

crandell sounds like reggie slack,khari jones,all over again.
long term successful teams like t bc edm and mon bring aong and develop their young qb's properly.


But the positive momentum the Cats are displaying right now would be more seriously challenged than it is already.

I missed the positives. 5 losses and counting. Silly me how could I have been so blind?

The drawbacks of underdevelopment are obvious.

I know I feel for ya

There's been 3 TDs? Wow,I must have missed a couple.

Chang got 1 and Maas gotr 2.

Ok please someone tell me I've missed something here. If
Maas goes down we start Chang, don't we... Everyone around here acts like he is some fragile, incompetent QB that would not survive a whole quarter of a game in the CFL. I suppose it could be true, but until we give the guy a chance, we'll never know now will we.
I'm beginning to think that the only way Chang will ever get a start is if Maas goes down. Now everyone says that if Maas goes down we'll trade for another struggling CFL QB.
I honestly don't get it.

Sarcasm missed I guess

It scares me to think of who the Cats might have to send the other way in a trade with a better team.

Surely they won't give away all the number one overall draft picks for the next 3 years?

If "MAAS Goes Down"? Then the Ticats are STUCK with paying him his HUGE CONTRACT!

Can't release him without paying him then!

That's what is scary! "Starting" at this point in time after 4-19 since coming and 5 starts this year and 0-5 (Oh yea..he is improving) :roll:

I seem to recall that under the CFL players' agreement for veteran players there is some clause that requires a team to pay the full contract for the year if the player is still on the roster as of September 1. Can anyone confirm or expand on this? The player must have played a minimum number of years etc.?

So you're saying Maas is twice as good as Chang?