If Khari was Bombers starting QB...

I think if Khari was the starting QB for Bombers, I think the bombers would have won the last 2 games and their record would be a respectable 2-2.

He's the stats

  1. Riders win 42-15
    Glen goes 14-28 1INT 1TD
  2. EE win 27-8
    Martin goes 12-27 1INT 1TD
  3. Stamps win 21-15
    Martin goes 12-23 0INT 0TD
  4. EE win 14-12
    Martin goes 11-29 1INT 0TD.

Do you notice anything about the stats - that Martin has not improved over the 3 games? The bombers should have won the last game, I'm with kirsten84 on that, except that they didn't have a good enough QB starting.

I think the Bomber fans should suck it up and start putting pressure on to get a decent QB that is on the market - Jones.

Go Stamps Go
Go BB Go.

why would they need to go after Jones right now?... they haven't even tried Wynn.... he is very capable... he has proven that when called upon over the previous 2 seasons with the Lions

martin stats have shown that instead of improving with time he is actually doing worse. the rest of his team has played better which has made the games closer but he has been horrible at best.

I Haven't Been Blessed With Being Able To See These Games But From What I Can See From The Stats That Newfie Put Up Is That His Second Game Was His Best, Which Shouldn't Be Much Of A Surprise Because It's Against Calgary. And Between The Two Games Vs. Edmonton His Stats Were Almost The Same Except For The One TD. His Pass Percentage Was 44.4% In The First Game, As Opposed To 38.9% The Second Time He Played Edmonton. You Should Wait Untill He Loses To A Team That He Should Beat Untill You Decide To Pull Him. And Two Interceptions In Three Games Isn't Too Bad Of A Stat, Calgary And Edmonton Fans Would Love To Have Their QB Turning Over The Ball That Rarely. And His QB Rating Is Just About The Same As McManus.

i say he looks worse because in the second game he had more help fro the rest of his o. his receivers were trying to catch his poorly thrown balls and his oline was giving him time. roberts had some decent runs as well. tee however completed less than 40%. if they are willing to pay someone to play like that, sign me up.

I like to see Jones back, but it isn't going to happen so I'm not betting on it.

KJ is history....move on everyone........ :roll:

yes.... move on and chant SPERGON at the next home game

Wynn is the Bombers' man, you heard it hear.

Kevin Glenn is our starter, and one thing is for sure, he wont lose his job to Martin any time soon. Wynn should be starting in Glenns absence.

Did I hear right how Daley in his stubborn manner is starting Martin yet again. After the three game fiasco, there is no way that Martin should even be on the roster. Maybe the practice roster. I agree Wynn should be the starter.

Khari's only a phone call away....better grab him before Montreal Starts Ted White Vs Winnipeg, and they realize they need a suitable backup too!

Bomber fans...Time to kiss and makeup!

Sportsmen, see you're playing both sides with the Als and Bombers over Jones. Good on ya

The Bombers do not need Jones back... they need to try putting Wynn in first

Jones couldn't possibly do any worse than Martin.

Did this Martin guy really come from the NFL? And you are telling me, after watching Tee Martin perform, that Ricky Ray wasn't good enough to be a backup down there?

Shows that roster spots in the NFL are picked through politics.

Well, Edmonton didn’t show up last week. They did not play at all like the Eskimos should normally play. And Martin didn’t improve from when he played the real Eskimos two weeks before… hence…

Jones will be in the CFL before long, but not in blue and gold. He is waiting for Allen or Calvillo (sp) to go down. He could also sign with Hamilton, they need him more then the Bombers.
My bet is he sign's for big money when one of the teams i mentioned need him. His days are far from over. However the bombers were willing to make Jones the franchise guy, but he decided golfing with a shoulder injury was more important then winning on the feild. That is not a team leader in my books...

you never go forward living in past performances....c'mon........ Khari ,as good as he WAS with the BOMBERS, is history.....this franchises' FUTURE.....is with Wynn AND Michna..... :!:

Lionbacker....It's called stirring the pot! Thats why the wife likes my homemade soup...I know how and when to stir it up!

we already tried it and it didn't work out! jones is not the answer