If Jesse L. was an import

The question is not whether or not Jesse would be thrown under the bus if he was an import. Truly I beleive he would. Its how fast fans would have thrown him under. I could be wrong but who have fans supported that are imports that been injured sooooooo
much. I luv Jesse, dont get me wrong. But I wish he stay healthy so I would not have this debate.

The reason fans support Jesse so much is that not only is he Canadian, he's one of us. Though he was born in Edmonton, he was still a kid when he came to Hamilton. He was a star when played his university ball here at McMaster. He was already a local celebrity even before the Tiger-cats drafted him.

The team and coaches love him because, as a non-import, he allows them to play an extra import at another position when he's on the field. And when he's playing he's as good as any running back in the league -- and better than most.

He may be injury prone, but he's worth the risk.

I understand why canadians like him. He is a beast. I like him to just wanna here if any imports has been injured like he has and fans suported the import.

I think most of the fans on this site like their players and stand up for them regardless of their birthplace. And Jessie has taken more than his fair share of the heat.

The heat has been fair. The guy is hurt...alot. It's an inescapable fact, and I think the person that started the thread is correct - notwithstanding his ability, if Jesse were an import, given his injury-proneness, I suspect he would have found himself our of a job by now.

I think they need to seriously look at their options regardless of what he is.

if they sign Keith? then at the end of the year, let him go… don’t resign him.

I don't think it really has to do with the import for the fans sticking by him. It more has to do with the fans being attached to him. Like Dave said they know the kid he played ball in canada. Do you think Canadians have the same attachment to a kid that played in junior hockey in Ottawa and plays for the senators or the guy who went and played at Michigan and then went to Ottawa if both are Canadian.

if he was import, he would have switched positions to linebacker or even a blocking fullback but since he's a non-import, the league wants to hype him up, and turn him into a great white hype, especially in a position where you don't see too many white guys playing, if he was a black non-import the media wouldn't hype him up as much.

If Jessie was an import he would of had less of a chance of seeing a single hand off in the CFL then in the NFL. 32 teams in the NFL ...8 in the CFL.
If you think about it ....32 NFL teams 53 man roster= 1700 jobs. 8 CFL teams 20 import spots= 160 jobs.
Basicly you are ten times more likely to have an NFL job over a CFL job.
Without non-import ratios there would be one tenth as many Canadians in the CFL as there are in the NFL...so basicly one or two.
If you don't believe me.... just check how many Canadians played for US based teams back in 93-95... I believe it was ZERO.

That was part of the deal. The US teams weren't allowed to sign Canadian players.

I don't think the US teams weren't ALLOWED to sign Canadian players; but they weren't allowed to GUARANTEE a certain number of jobs for foreign players, which is what the import rule would do if applied in the US.

I think u have backwards. The import rule garuntees a certain number of non-import spots. In other words, a team in the CFL can have more candians or all canadians on their roster if they choose. Foriegn players are not garunteed any spots. A team is allowed to have a certain number of non-imports. BIG DIFFERENCE

hey touchdown69 u & your great white hype sounds pretty racist to me if Lumsden was an import he'd be the #1 no questions asked did you know his dad was the best running back when he played. Don't forget Pinball in Toronto he kept giving John Avery the job even though Jeff Johnson was the better player, and you want 2 play the race card give your head a shake buddy.