If it's on Facebook, it must be true

I know you all did the eye roll as you read but Aaron Hargreaves is reporting on Facebook that he's re-signed with the Bombers. Hopefully there will be a press release or something in the media tomorrow.

IF FACT.....I think Hargreaves looked at his situation and could see not very many offers would be pouring in...Personally , i like this kid...he could surprise given enough playing time....something a lot of players are asking for but certainly have to earn ... :wink: He certainly has the tools and his ni status makes him attractive... :thup:

The Sun doesn't have anything but the FP today says that as of last night he was close to signing.


Great news! Sooner or later he's going to break out . I've never figured out why he hasn't been utilized more.A big guy with decent hands and lots of heart.

Confirmation that Facebook is never wrong :lol: : http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-re-sign-receiver-hargreaves

well, hargraves and arthur should be good for the canadian starter and backup

i say we ship ralp off to edmonton with charlton for kelly campbell

I don't know if even Maccioca's that dumb. Plus, Edmonton just traded Mann, so they probably have their own plans for Kelly.....

Ticats just aquired Mann in return for Thompson.This could mean that they are looking to keep Campbell or they have someone they are going to take in FA.

Must be an echo in here.


They still have more receivers than they need though.

But a lot of those guys are just rotation guys. Like Artie said, DM would have to be pretty stupid to give away Campbell, and so far this off-season, as odd as this sounds, he's been making some smart moves.

Fine. But the solution to that isn't to trade away your best one.

they also need a good SAM LB....

even with out campbell they will have 3-1000 yard guys in peterson Stamps and Talbot.... and i think ralph could actually do some damage with ricky ray throwin him the football

Neither of the Ralph's are any good. In fact, I think the one Winnipeg has Edmonton used to, and got rid of him.

Peterson is on the downside of his career. Talbot too is not much more than a depth guy. You may disagreem but let me ask you this, would YOU hitch your wagon to these two guys? In other words, trade Ralph and Charlton for these two?

definately, if i had a ricky ray quality QB... with MB throwin the ball they would be fairly ineffective though

whatever, all this specualtion is just a waste of time anyway

OK then. Apology accepted.