If it were up to me

Belli would be done in the CFL.

What a complete retard.

...hahaha, totally agree, Belli should look into the WWE next...

I agree with the commentator, Pinball did not look amused with the cheap shot from his defensive player....

...perhaps Belli was a boxer before football and he was just working on his speed ball technique...

Perhaps he's just an idiot.

clearly pinball would not approve of what he did, but he is probably even more concerned about where that leaves them as far as the game and playoff positioning goes.

If argos lose, and the consensus is that belli being out was a major factor, then argo fans got serious beef with him. A load of manure wouldnt even come close to being what he deserves.

i've always thought belli was an idiot...from his days in hamilton to now.

What did I miss?

u missed belli’s version of “the nutcracker”.

What quarter was it?

…2nd, about half way through…

2nd, punched a bomber in the balls when he got tackled. Like he got tackled, didnt like it sat up and punched him in the balls. ridiculous.

I was thinking the same thing.