If it wasn't for Cobb, Floyd would have been Gladiator

Cobb almost single handidly won the game for the Cats last night and truly deserved the Gladiator award, but Floyd played an exceptional game and won it for the Ticats on defence. Even without the final pick he deserved to be next in line for Gladiator.

Absolutely, but I think it's great to see a rookie in his CFL debut get the honours. That's pretty impressive. Enjoy your watch Cobb :wink:

I'm pretty sure Otis doesn't mind.

atta boy, its te COBBOTY connection.

I honestly thought that Johnson would have gotten it instead of Floyd.

I haven't watch the game back yet but I though Johnson played better. I might be wrong though but I will watch the game again this week.

Oh yeah, overall Johnson was much more noticable on a ply to play basis, but IMO Floyd was responsible for the two biggest plays of the game; the two interceptions.

I can agree to that.

My concern with Floyd though is the penalties. I have seen him take a few 15 yarders and I am concerned about it. I like Floyd and after he has taken a penalty he has made up for it on the same drive. He has done this twice now but I am a little bit concerned.

I am sorry for being negative about Floyd. I know that people may not agree with it so I apologize now.

I like Floyd and thought he played well but Cobb was the reason we won. Without him, we put up barely 100 yards of offense.

Cobb is quite the slippery little bugger. He made our D look like they've never even heard what a tackle is!

That damn Cobb! Lets cut his ass!!! :wink:

Let's give credit to the o line for some of Cobbs numbers as well. :thup:

You should have done that last wednesday. I would have been totally ok with that! :lol: