IF it should come to this= GADES PLAY "HOME GAMES"

OK- maybe they have the right owner in sight ,but the problem is that this season IN OTTAWA is a lost cause to attract ticket buyers so late in the game so that any new owner who wants to build the franchise back in Ottawa doesn't want the financial risks THIS LATE FOR THIS YEAR,but rather needs a whole season of proper marketing to prepare to operate successfully next year...IN THAT CASE,the CFL either suspends the club for 1 year (Dispersal draft this season/re-entry draft next season) = IMO,a disaster --the team MUST PLAY GAMES this season to stay in the Ottawa sports public's mind or else next year will be looked at as another expansion club from scratch and that would be DOOM again (they won't buy tickets next year in that case)....OR:

The "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" solution for 1 year...eg. GADES propped by other 8 CFL teams but play "HOME GAMES" in those teams' stadiums to reduce league losses in carrying the Gades for 1 year till new owners are fully ready to operate..the theory being that those 8 teams' fans will buy tickets for that extra game in their own home stadium vs. the Gades because:

  1. They love their own teams and will support them..
  2. They will support the League in righting the Ottawa ship this way,because these fans love CFL football and want the league and football in Ottawa to succeed long-term..

I'm guessing players would still be based in Ottawa,and use their practice facilities --so the only reason the games won't be at Landsdowne park in Ottawa is based on the marketing of tickets for the season--the CFL would expect a higher REvenue from more tickets sold for te Ottawa "home games" if they were played in the other 8 teams' stadiums during this 1 year crisis...

IMO--this "stop-gap" solution COULD SUCCEED:

  1. GADES still wriiten about and talked about all year in the Ottawa Sports media =remain in fans consciousness..

  2. IMAGINE if this is a motivating factor for the team to "pull together" and they overachieve expectations and win more than anyone thought?
    IMAGINE if tey pulled off a miracle and went into the playoffs? THEN the CFL could move a home playoff game back to Lansdowne Park if need be?
    Since that might only be 1 or 2 games --Ottawa fans wouls supoorttheir winning team for those playoff games indroves=sell-outs and it would
    ensure interest in season ticket buying for next year?
    Longshot fantasy=yes==but stranfger things have happened=THIS IS THE CFL!

  3. Team still based in Ottawa--still can do community appearances,still can go out to QB clubs in the sports bars

Ottawa fans would understand the need to play home games AWAY this season,if that helps the new owners lay the proper froundwork for next...

  1. IMAGINE Ottawa fans get to watch 9 extra games on t.v. FOR FREE!
    Ottawa would have maybe 16 games of 18 at least on the free tube for fans to follow their Gades...that extra t.v. "exposure" can help the marketing awareness of the team for the following year back in Ottawa...

  2. Allows Gades not to miss this CFLCanadian Draft--total suspension for a year and no draft puts the team in a worse position for the following year back in Otttawa...but playing games this year (albeit all on the road) and
    being allowed to draft --helps enormously (because ita a deep draft this year) ==either in picking up desperately needed Canadians for this season--or for acquiring them to help next year (eg. drafting NCAA guys with 1 more year left in school).Missin an entire draft puts them more behind the 8-ball again next season..so THE GADES MUST PLAY!

  3. IMAGINE if the GADES went all the way to the Grey Cup and won it?
    All except possibly some playoff games on the road! Why such a sports feat would be one for the ages and would draw media attention and publicity for the CFL even in the US media!

  4. We would get to see John Jenkins and his vaunted "run & shoot" offense PLUS his even more sensational speedy gems he's promised from his
    GREAT recruiting (he's been telling us he's never seen such an acumulation of talent--of course we don't know who they are yet because names --except for a few-have not been released pending fixing the ownership issues).

FOR ALL THE ABOVE REASONS-IF the problem is just TIME--that new owners cannot see anything but red ink if they have to play in Ottawa this year--but can salvage the future with a "Lead time" of marketing for next season and beyond,THEN the CFL SHOULD use the "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" solution as the stop-gap for the current "situation".


…I would support an extra home game with the Gades being tacked onto my season ticket package…it would be July 27th…

I would support an extra game too! Make it interesting, for that extra game, the Gades would wear their Home Jersey and the "Hosting" club would wear their "Away" Jersey's....Just for a change of scenery.

Absolutely! Another night or day outside watching CFL football with a brewskie in hand, the wife beside me and other great fans beside me we have here in Hamilton. Man, it just doesn't get any better than that!

Wow! Great idea. Please let Tom Wright know...

If it means having the Gades back in Ottawa in 2007 with the core intact, then I'm all for it. Just throw in a couple games in Ottawa, marketed plenty ahead of time...

Now there is a good idea. Tease them a bit to make them come back in 07.

And if the Gades are still around for 2007, they may get a break with Frank Clair Stadium. Bob Chiarelli, the Ottawa mayor, may not be around then. The elections here are in November and he's not the favorite right now. On the other hand, the front runner is Alex Munter, which strikes me as even more of a left wing nut.

Send the left wing nuts to Alberta......The Albertans will straighten them out!

I'm not sure I follow the Idea.
Are you saying that all of Ottawa's games should be played on the road?
Sounds good but the problem is that the extra games played in the other cities would have to be charged to the fans of that city, season ticket holders included. Otherwise it would be the same financially as Ottawa playing at home to an empty stadium

I think that Ottawa would get any profits for those games Deemed "Home " Games in other parks. If they don't then ro is right...0 revenue.

The ideal solution would be a combination of Bernie's original offer with this one. Play all the games on the road. I'm sure fans of other teams wouldn't mind having their team play an extra game, in some cases, two games in their city. The revenues, combined with Bernie's offer to pay the first $2.5 millions should be enough to sustain the Gades. The rest of the profits could be split among the 8 owners. This would give the CFL plenty of time to get a new owner in place, while not putting any financial burden on the other owners.

And then, it's our responsability as Renegades fans to show up in 2007 and beyond.

......ro, I'm o.k. with paying for an extra game against the Gades in my home park rather than losing an already scheduled game..........and the profits for that particular game go to the CFL to continue the Gades Road Show Operations........

Now you got it 666 finally came around did you not. Ya send those left wingers down here they will go back to Ottawa in a trance and a couple of Ralph bucks!

I've always "been around". I always agreed that should the Gades stick around, the crowds need to be there. I just never agreed with the principle of threatening people to get them to show up, and I still don't.

The main problem with professional sports is that it's very difficult for fans to get their voices heard by management. I don't recall ever seeing a "open house" type event where people are invited to discuss their concerns with team management, be it in the NHL or CFL, or... So the only way the fans can show they are not satisfied with the product is by letting their wallets talk. Some executive get it, and some don't. In the Glibbs' case, they didn't get it until it was too late.

As for the left-wing nuts, I don't think we need them Klein-right, but closer to center would be a good start.

You are correct to a degree. But my point is Urban did not threaten he was stating reality. If the Ottawa fans do not come out to support the team it should be moved and I think you will find that everyone agrees. Yes, you are right again on the marketing I have stated several times the morons that ran this team to the ground had no marketing skills. You have to market to all age grows especially the young because they are your future fan base. When the Feteriks took over the Stamps we seen less of the marketing yet the team did not suffer because the fan base was rebuilt with the previous owners. Had the Box King stayed for another 5 years then it would have dminished for sure. The Stamps players and organization is working with in the community and thus they get respect and fans. They have events for women to come and learn the game, they have open houses etc. These all add up to the crowds they have been getting. So who ever takes this team they need to get out into the community and get its support. The greatest effort of community activity can be seen with the Riders and their fans. That has not occured in Ottawa since the defunct Ottawa Rough Riders thus the problems the franchise has now. You will find most western teams have this type of marketing and it works.
Back to Urban, the guy has proven a hit in Edmonton even with his team only winning three games this season. Maybe you are right an owner is best in your region but when one does not step up then who cares where they come from. Yes, he said he would move the team and for a reason. He does not want to lose 6 million per season who does. I think even if a new owner does get in there and you sell out it still would be difficult to keep the team competitive due to the concessions and the rental agreement. The City of Ottawa would have been smart to sell the stadium and the arena to Melnyk and this would not have to be dicussed. When Winnipeg lost the Jets they lost around 40 million dollars a season on economic benefit. Today that would be even higher. Businesses in Ottawa should be screaming at their city council. Good Luck you will need it.

I don't seem to understand why everyone is upset with Urban. At least here in Edmonton the guy has brought us a lacrosse team that has gone 1-14 this season, but the games are great, and he draws good crowds.

And that's why I don't want him as an owner. :wink:

But I think through all this, everyone agrees on one thing: the City of Ottawa needs to do something about the whole stadium fiasco. The city will lose over $600,000 (in rent alone) because it wasn't willing to drop it. What's better: $200,000, a healthy team, where more people show up, hence more concession money, or $0 in rent and $0 in concessions/parking? This equation alone shows the kind of morons we have in Ottawa. It's not like the field would be leased for anything else during the few hours a week that the team needs it. Unless, of course, the rumours are true and Chiarelli only wants to tear it down for condos...

The question is they could have sold it to Melnyk, they are total morons. You are only looking at the loss of rent what about the economic benefit of the team playing in the city. I know an NHL team generates anywhere from 40 million to 90 million dollars. Now a CFL team brings in more fans so you do the math. I believe as long as the City of Ottawa owns this venue the team is hooped. As a CFL fan I would sooner see an owner for the team even if it has to move.

That's not entirely true. During winter, the field is covered in some huge bubble and there's indoor soccer, and other happenings, which generates money for the city as well. I wish I knew the numbers generated...