if it aint broke, dont fix it

or, never change a winning lineup.

when the argos acquired D. Anderson, I said, big mistake. They're defense did fine against sask, but then they bring in Anderson and change the defense chemistry and then they suck. What did D A contribute? two lousy tackles.

dumb move

Argos got lucky last week against Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary dismantled Toronto's defence

I don't know that Anderson had much to do with that result. To me, that was Dave Dickenson taking Tim Burke out behind the woodshed and giving him a good ol' fashioned whupping.

I don't think the Ref helped either ... SOOO MANY FLAGS! There wasn't a flow to the game (a theme this year).

Yeah my team won, but I wure would like to see the two teams play!


as I feared for the argos, DA proving to be more of a minus than a plus.