If I'm The CFL, This Deal Worries Me

In case you haven't heard, it looks like Bell and Rogers are teaming up to buy MLSE.
Now these two companies own all the teams in Toronto.
Except for you know who.

What we have in Toronto now is a monopoly over the sports scene by the two media giants.
We all know Rogers is trying to get an NFL team for Toronto.
nd wants nothing to do with showing CFL games

What does this new partnership mean for the CFL?
Will Bell and Rogers get together and freeze out the CFL from being shown on either network?
Thus forcing the CFL to bring down their price.
Will Bell and Rogers both go after an NFL team while at the same time trying to damage the CFL?
Since they pretty well control the media in this coutnry, they could very well do it.

This can't be good news for the CFL.
Anytime Rogers and Phil Lind have their chance to bury the CFL, they will jump at the chance.

I predicted on this forum a few years ago that the Argos were going to be isolated.
Now they are.
Who knows what Rogers and Bell have planned for the future?
But it has to worry the CFL when these two mega coroporations are getting together.

I don't understand this alleged deal for the life of me. Seems odd that two competitors would collaborate to by MLSE especially considering this rumoured deal has been ongoing saga for a while.

Benji, Bell owns TSN so I highly doubt this will really have a negative impact on the CFL or what you're suggesting would come true. If anything they may try to buy the argos and have the complete monopoly on Toronto sport teams and thus assuring all teams continuing their losing ways...

I hope you're right Geroy.
I agree as well.
This is now a monopoly.
Will the government let this deal happen.
Because you know if they are now partners, they may partner in screwing their customer base as well.
Hopefully this deal is quashed before its signed and sealed

Clearly Rogers said to Bell "In order for us to agree to co-ownership, you must cease to show CFL on your TSN network." And Bell said, "yes", and Rogers grinned evilly. There's no evidence to support that claim, so it must be true.

You don't think Rogers and Bell will work together to bring the NFL to Toronto?
And you don't think they can work together to force the CFL to lower their asking price for TV rights?
And who knows?
TSN may know that the CFL is going back to CBC.
If thats the case, they may screw the league even more.
Like there's alot of negative possibilites here when you get monopolies involved.
Like I say.
I hope the government puts the kibosh on it.

Before I hit the hay one last thing you people outside of Toronto have to know.
The media in that city for the most parts hates the CFL.
You've seen the articles posted on this website almost every week.

Their media sees the CFL as a block to getting an NFL team.
They could care less about what the rest of Canada thinks.
If the CFL died tomorrow, they would dance on its grave.
They don't care if you won't have a league to cheer for.
Its all about them.

This is why this deal could be a disaster for the league.
You have two companies that control the sports media in this coutnry, and if they don't like you,
you're in trouble.
It will certainly hurt the leagues chances for the big TV deal they deserve.
Hopefull the government strikes this deal down as it creates a monopoly.

FYI - the NFL does NOT allow corporate ownership so how exactly can Rogers and/or Bell bring a team to Toronto other than more of the "Bills in Toronto" type of thing.


You know how Blue Blood?
They use Larry Tannenbaum as the front man.
Thats how.
Maybe some of you don't think this is big news, but living in southern Ontario,
not only is the CFL going to have issues, but us cable subscribers are gonna get screwed royally.

I think this deal is more about the properties they can acquire rather than what properties they didn't, and more specifically its the Leafs and Raptors and the ACC. These are lucrative properties in the largest market in Canada, particularly the leafs and the Air Canada Centre. The Argos have a separate owner which would require a separate purchase agreement, but I doubt they go after the Argos. I don't think this deal was done with the goal in mind of killing the Argos. With regards to any aspirations Rogers may have with to owning an NFL franchise, despite whether you look at the Bills series as a win or loss, it has been lucrative to the Bills and they've already said that those games have increased their season ticket base from southern Ontario. The Bills won't give up those territorial rights and allow another team to cut into that. And as for the Bills relocation rumors, there are potential buyers who would keep the team in Buffalo and potential owners who would want to move a team to LA to compete with so there is no guarantee they get the bills should they go up for sale.

How is that possible, benji? You only joined the forum on 31 August 2011 :lol: :lol:

At the end of the day it's up to the people of Toronto to support the Argos who have been around for over a 100 years. It's time for the excuses to stop on why the Argos can't draw flies. The people of Toronto need to to step up!

Personally speaking I really don’t think all that many people in Toronto are clamouring for an NFL team including the media. I wouldn’t worry in the least about this, in fact I think this is great news for the Argos. The Bills are staying in Buffalo I think with the new renos there and if anything I think you’re going to be seeing a turnoff towards the NFL in Toronto and a new Argo/CFL stadium owned by Rogers/Bell Media. Call me stupid but I think Rogers is pissed that Buffalo is using their money to help keep the team in Buffalo and with the reno.

I think great things are ahead for the Argos in Toronto.

Call me stupid but that’s the way I see it. It’s about time Rogers told the NFL to screw off (they can’t come right out and say it of course) and I’ll really respect them and support the Jays if what I think is going to happen happens and MLSE will also be supporting the Argos and new stadium IMHO. Also, I see the NFL as needing Toronto more than the other way around, they want cities in the waiting like Hamilton for the NHL to use as bait and as I say I think Toronto knows this only too well.

You know, CFN Canadian Football Network almost worked, was a terrific idea producing own coverage of games through a group of independent stations across the country.

Could always go that direction once again

but it says you joined the forums just this past august....what handle(s) were you going by before?

or, maybe with bell owning 40% of MLSE, there will be less resistance to the argos reconfiguring and moving into BMO field?

this deal is all about content. both rogers and bell want to provide leaf games/programming on mobile devices. plus they get that basketball team and soccer team's stuff, too.

Now that TSN owns a basketball and soccer team, they're gonna have to show more basketball and soccer.
That could crowd out the CFL.

Who knows.
TSN may start showing the MLS and Raptors on Friday nights instead of the CFL.
They wouldn't get one fifth of the CFL numbers, but that doesn't seem to matter.

If these twp do anything to intentionally try to damage the cFL, Cohon should sue them.

Let the NFL come to TO - maybe the league will move the Argos someplace that cares about the CFL. The last glimmer of hope for the Argo franchise was when John Candy was part owner and if it wasn't for that crook Bruce McNall being his partner they might have built something big for the league. But once the star power left so did the crowds. So let the mega corporations take over TO and move the Argos to an appreciative community.

or, maybe with bell owning 40% of MLSE, there will be less resistance to the argos reconfiguring and moving into BMO field?
If this deal is all about content. both rogers and bell want to provide leaf games/programming on mobile devices. plus they get that basketball team and soccer team's stuff, too.

Maybe dg.

I don't think so dusty. I really think that Buffalo is making Toronto look stupid if the reno goes ahead at The Ralph because it seems like Rogers has helped make that happen and prevents the Bills from moving to TO and Toronto and Rogers don't like to look stupid. It's not the CFL preventing the Bills from moving to Toronto, the CFL really has no say at all.

As I say, the NFL needs Toronto more than the other way around I would say.

the raptors don't have much overlap with the CFL season.
and MLS/TFC will be dead soon. they don't get ratings.

another thought. with bell and tsn owning the leafs, CBC will be left in the cold.
CBC tried replacing the CFL with the bluejays, then gave that up when ratings didn't deliver. they then bought raptors rights. that, too, failed to live up to CBC's expectations and were dropped. then TFC. that drew 40,000 views and CBC is dropping them.
with no proven sports content on their network, they may pay large amounts of money to get a piece of the CFL.