If I'm GM ...

Based on talent and/or heart shown lately, I'm keeping:

Butler, Frazier, Jackson, Freeman, George

Durant, Dressler, Fantuz, Getzlaf,Best, Gauthier

Time to see who CAN or WILL play.

Need to start taking a looking at 2 or 3 of our young guys on the O-line

Time to check out some new people at D-line, linebacker, and d-back.

Some people need to be replaced because of aging or diminished talent--you name the names!!

Some people upstairs need to be replaced--you name the names!! Time to start prepping for next year!!


And if Miller is truly making co-decisions with Taman on personnel issues then he has to go too.

This is not hanging 1 or 2 bad games on the GM. This is 4-9 and dead f'n last without a hope because the roster is easily the weakest defense in the league and has been the entire year, and management is clueless as to why.

Taman was handed the keys to an era of winning and in 18 months, destroyed, DESTROYED it all.

I used to think that Taman in Winnipeg was okay, but not great, and I cut him a lot of slack because I really believed that Bauer meddled in his business. Now Bauer is in Calgary and they're fine. Taman is in Regina and the Riders stink.

I was embarrassed BADLY this afternoon. That was disgusting. Cornish laughed at us. LITERALLY. 2nd quarter, he tries to turn the corner and Freeman caught him by the ankles. Cornish got up and laughed LAUGHED because he knew it would have been 20-30 easy yards if he had gotten away. HE LAUGHED. That was f'n embarrassing.

I want a watermelon that covers my whole face.

I was embarrassed but now I'm just heartbroken. We've had such a great team for a few years now. I can take a bad year or two, I can take some losses - bad ones. I've been a Rider fan for 32 years, I've taken my share. But what pisses me off is that there is no hope. When Shivers took over, they were 5-12, 6-12. They were bad but even when Burris left for the NFL there was hope. Tillman inherited a good thing and honed it into something better. Now for the first time in a bloody long time there is no hope.

It breaks my heart that this team had a date with destiny, to meet the Als for the 3rd year in a row in the GC, in my home town, and when my good friend from Montreal comes out for the party, not only will the Riders not be playing, they don't even belong on the same field as 6 other teams in the league.

I'm a dedicated fan. I watch EVERY down. Now I have 5 games left with FUCK ALL to look forward to. 5 games of pure torture.

Thank you very much Mr Taman. :x

not taman but MILLER
taman is just the paperboy

and a new quarterback

I agree with most of your post. I would keep Hughes also. Your reply would not keep any oches wand i would agree. Specially Hall has to go.

If I'm G.M. and Durants' contract comes up for renewal, I am giving him 6th best Q.B. in the league money and not a dime more. I hire a mover to help Richie Hall hurry up and get his butt out of here, get Miller a walker to help speed up his departure, and then the real work starts. This team would be unable to win the Vanier Cup in it's current and forseeable state.

I'd be bringing in a ton o talent right now, looking at every thing I could get my hands on! Cates has to go, Durant should be benched next game, very average performance, give Dinwiddie some playing time see if he has game! I'd just be preparing for next year right now, fans deserve to see some new blood and glimmer of hope for next year!

confidence has a lot to do with this you know.

This team's confidence has been hit hard and it does affect a players performance.

they aren't robots people!

true they do need to make some changes, get younger.. find some more accountable coaches and make these players fight for their jobs next year.

Wow, great response, Prairie dog. Very intense and compelling. Keep them coming, everybody!!

I predicted as much with hiring of Berry, Marshal and Taman....two Bomber outcasts that hurt that team...and one outcast from nearly every team in the CFL...There only one MORE ESSENTIAL cut to be made... Taman must go..The fact that we are even discussing a GM is proof of it.

Taman needs to go, our o-line needs some revamping, we NEED a rush end who can get to the QB. If Freeman goes south, I think Kye Stewart will be a good replacement, but we need a younger MLB. We need at least one good cover DB this offseason while keeping some of our better DBs as well. Receivers even with Andy probably going to try down south again, I think we will be fine if Bagg can get healthy. Need a new RB, Cates isn't cutting it, but that could be due to our poor o-line, I don't mind Charles back there, but I don't think the team is too high on him. I think we should try getting Dave Dickenson over for HC next season, and maybe if Kerry Joseph retires bring him over for OC. I'm not sure if Hall needs to go, or if he just needs some players for his style of D, remember he came over to the style of D that Etch had, which was smaller faster players, while Hall's is mostly a size type thing. Either way we need a lot of changes, but I think the biggest would be getting an O-line who can run block and pass protect.

Yup, my shopping list starts with a new GM and a new HC. Add a new import RB, a new middle linebacker, one or two DB's who can cover people, AND, since we will be drafting at number 1 or number 2, the U os S Huskies have an O-lineman who is considered number one, and a DB who is somewhere in the top ten. Let's get one or both of them. How about we also try and draft some more depth at Canadian receiver or RB. I see other Western teams are loaded with them. What's up with us?