If I were the GM. *hint, hint*

If I was the GM and had nice bank roll to use I would hire Tom Clements as the OC. We all know he understands the Canadian game.

Clements spent the last two seasons (2004-05) as offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. In 2004, the Bills' offense increased its points output by 152 and become only the ninth team in NFL history to score more than 30 points in six straight games.

Prior to joining the Bills, Clements served as Pittsburgh's quarterbacks coach for three seasons (2001-03) under Bill Cowher.

I can only imagine what he learned from Coach Cowher.

If I were GM I would talk to the game day experience people and tell them that the concession prices are insulting. On a hot night to have to pay $3.25 for a bottle of water was just awful. And my hotdog, it is bad enough it is over priced, BUT STALE AND OLD BUNS ARE NOT THE WAY TO SERVE THEM. Both of my hotdogs for my daughter and I were UNEDIBLE. And it was so hot and humid that I did not have the strength to stand in line again for 20 mins. I WAS DISGUSTED at the quality of the food, next time I will try my chances bringing my own.

Concessions again??

By the way I did look for Deningers ,did I bite on that troll thread or what?

Got to walk around the whole stadium .

Got a dog and gatorade from the North side concessions and man they are way too friendly over there.

Couldn't see Deningers ....probably missed them.

Tom is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Packers. I don't see him coming here short of a head coaching offer and a lot of luck.

Oski Wee Wee,