If I were a GM what would I choose?

Just wondering. What would you do if you were a GM ahd had two choices:
1 - you got a real good team with an average coaching staff or
2 - you got an average team with a real good coaching staff.

How do you think each team would finish the year? What got me wondering is Geroy Simon. He was in Winnipeg but did just ok. Goes to BC and becomes a star.

Your call.

better QB in BC

I would go with door # 2 since football is a thinking mans game.

A great example here is Hamilton. Great team, bad coaching staff: bad results.

you have to remember that when geroy was here in winnipeg, he was young, and in the early stages of his career, so the bombers felt that he would have better success elsewhere....i couldnt think but wonder what would be if the bombers still had simon and bruce,,we would have the best receivers in the league..but we dont have them n e more, and thats that

to answer the question i would pick option number 2, because with average players, and a great coaching staff, those coaches can groom, and progress those players into great ones..thats the advantage of having a great coaching staff

have a good team with an average coach staff.

Better QB and better coaching staff.

Id go with the first choice. the game is played on the field not on the sidelines. No matter how great a coach you are you cant coach people to find something that isnt there but a team with Talent and expereince will have people that will step up and lead the way case and point last years eskimos.

If the coaching is average, then good/great players won’t be put in position to win games or improve as players.

Good coaching can make average team into giant killers.

Door no. 2 for sure. I’ve seen too many good players over the years, and students I might add, that went down the tubes because of poor coaches or poor parents. And would you want a Terrel Owens on your team without a good coaching staff that would know how to keep him in line, if this is possible at all?