If I was the Commissioner I would.......

Move the Grey Cup back to Saturday.

Write down one thing you would do if you had the keys to the CFL.

I disagree… the GC game is fine where it is… on Sunday.

If there would one thing I would change in the CFL… on any kicked ball that goes through the end zone and is deemed unreturnable, no single point.

Lobby the gov't to make Grey Cup weekend a three day weekend.

I agree on both points. The single point (as much as I love it) should be awarded only when there is a decision to be made by the returning team as to whether or not to run or kick it out. If the GC is ever won on a short punt single through the end zone, or even worse on a field-goal attempt that is deliberately shanked to the sideline, it will be terrible.

Try and make all football in North America 3 downs and some other rules from Canadian football as well.

I don't think that you could make the NFL go to 3 downs because of their Field Size.

AS WELL, their player structure and rules.

you'd have to get faster more agile players first, plus you'd have to allow unlimited motion in order to make 3 downs work.

because this would require teams to introduce way more passing and with the type of plays you'd need you don't have the room on that small field.

it would be almost impossible.

So, a single would only be awarded if the ball hits the ground or makes contact with a player before going out of bounds? You know, that could work. It would eliminate that "reward for failing" issue on field goals. I've always resisted the elimination of the rouge, but this change I could support.

If I was the Commissioner I would eliminate the field goal. It is a reward for the inability to advance the football to the goal line.

Then the issue of the single point for a missed field goal also goes away.

no no no.. you can't do that. it's a part of Football since the beginning, no way that'd ever change.

Precisely. It maintains the incentive for teams to get the ball out of the end zone but it eliminates the "reward-for-failure" argument because the kicking team is only rewarded if the receiving team either makes a conscious decision to allow the point or fails to prevent it by failing to get the ball out. If a kick sails through the end zone and therefore the receiving team cannot make a play/decision about it, no point is awarded.

A similar (but not as good, IMO) rule is already in place for kickoffs. The difference there is that the ball does not have to sail through without hitting the ground -- as long as it goes out the back line without being fielded, no point is awarded. But if it is fielded and the returner does not get out of the EZ, a point is awarded, So the principle is similar.

implement revenue sharing.

this would attract investors to this league, knowing they would do no worse than breaking even.
i really think this would go along way in getting this to a 10-12 team league.

I don't think the CFL wants to go head-2-head with Hockey night in Canada.

Expand, expand and expand.
As much as we love our little league, it is getting tired with the same old and especially when teams play each other 4 and even more times per year.
12-14 teams is possible.

Having the Grey Cup on Saturday would be a great benefit to the fans. Those travelling to the game could do so without having to take time off work. Grey Cup revellers would have one day to recover before going to work. There would be no conflict with NFL and the game would have a greater chance of being carried on mainstream TV south of the border. Non profit groups would once again benefit from throwing Grey Cup parties, which was common back in the days when the game was held on Saturday. If they ever (god forbid) have another "fog bowl" they could still play the rest of the game on the Sunday, like they did the last time in 1962. The only benefit that I can figure out for Sunday games is that the economy of the host city gets a bit of a boost, taken from the pockets of the fans.

By the way, up until 1969, Grey Cup games were always held on Saturday.

Just for the heck of it, give a reason for diagreeing, why is it fine. I have layed out several reasons why Saturday would be prefeable.

I would remove the no yards penalty and institute a rule that if you make it to the receiver before the ball gets to him, you cannot crank him, you just have to touch him and it is ruled as downed where he catches it or where it lands( if missed ). This still keeps the idea of the original rule( protecting the returner ) but also gets rid of inconsistancy of the calls, due to the fact the ref only has to look at the returner, and not the returner and 3+ players of the kicking team rushing in.

ya, no.

good luck telling players, "just tap him"

I don't want to have some NFL rule, even if it's slightly adjusted.

And you cannot have 14 teams in the CFL with the lack of Big Cities we don't have.

Fair point about that " just tap him " so change it so that you can only hit him after he has caught the ball and taken two or three steps. I love the CFL but this no yards penalty is pretty stupid. It is a huge disadvanyage to faster teams because it brings their return defence to almost a complete stop, as they wait for the returner to catch the ball, or for him to watch the ball bounce around and hopefully bounce back towards the kicking team, so he can get the 5yrd penalty.

If they hit the returner before then, then a penalty can be issued

Playing it on Sunday allows an extra night of revelry for those who attend, which I reckon most would favour (as opposed to a recuperation day on the Sunday). It also ensures the teams have sufficent time to prepare for the game (unless you are also suggesting the two playoff rounds move to Saturday). Plus Sunday is historically more of an "event" day. Golf tournaments end then, etc. People like having a full weekend to build up to the big event. And I like the fact that the CFL does not care that it is going head-to-head with the NFL for football fans' attention.

But the biggest reason was mentioned by someone else -- it would be a very bad idea to compete head to head with Hockey Night in Canada. That would significantly reduce ad revenues for the rights-holder (as would losing a full day of pre-game telecasting).

if you know how to defend a punt return, you can easily take advantage of it.

poor teams (Riders) have poor special teams coverage and get killed.

I couldn't have said it better myself, but I would aslo add that GC festivities last more than just two days, someone coming from say, Montreal or Toronto to this year's GC game will need more than just a weekend off.