If I was "GM" of the Ticats this is what I'd do...

I'd walk straight into the Tiger-Cat locker room before practice tomorrow and gather every player and every coach and say this:

You all are on this team and no-one should fear being cut!......so therefore you have my word that from this point on till the end of the season, you will all be Hamilton Tiger-Cats....players and coaches all!!....

Now, get busy and work it out amongst yourselves like every other company does....cover each other's butts when needed and go the extra mile when it is your turn to do so.....I know you can! ...End of Meeting!

(now, who's turn for Tim Hortons?) :lol:

I would tell them to take the week off to relax, then plan a field trip to Canada's wonderland, or maybe Niagra falls for the following week.

I would hire me as OC. :wink:

Mikey, the sad part is I think you mean it. Accountability my friend. From the top down is the single largest problem this team has.


You're kidding right?

No offense, but I don't know if this is a joke and you're simply trying to stir things up.

Come on... You're pulling our legs, right?

Hey Mikey,

I'm not too worried about your plans if you were GM, but what I'd really like to know what it is that you're smoking?

Smells like good sh.... :cowboy:

No, even though I tried to inject some humour into my post, I'm dead serious......right now each member of this team needs some re-assurance from the club that they made it through training camp for a reason (that being that they had talent) and I firmly believe that people perform far better when they aren't looking over their shoulders each day......these guys and coaches are good at what they do so let's just let them learn off each other, help each other and they will be fine.....it may seem like a unique methodology but it works in many other workplaces.....everyone on the Tiger-Cats are grown, accomplished adults who want to succeed......let them work it out amongst themselves and I bet you 100 dollars that we see great results....

ok...I'll go as far as 150 dollars... :smiley:

I'm dead serious too.

What the heck are you smoking? :cowboy:

As long as you're doing your job and giving a consistant 100% you don't have to look over your shoulder. The one who should be looking over his shoulder is Kavis. :oops:

I am serious too! :slight_smile:

I would Fire Kavis Hire Don back
Fire Jerome Erdman and Hire Berrie as Special Teams Coach

Trade for Canadian OT for one of our WR.

Cut Powel He too Dam Slow..

As long as you're doing your job and giving a consistant 100%
Name one player, coach, support staff or business office person who doesn't give 100% all the time and I'll buy you lunch at DeRosa's Bakery (the lunch special is awesome!)......and you must provide proof!......and giving it his/her best effort but coming up short isn't proof.....

I dare ya ! :wink:

my god mikey......all pro sport teams want their players to be thinking they will lose their jobs if they don't perform....that's why players try and perform at 100% each time....if they don't, they get traded or fired....how many of your staff would work as hard as they could if you gave the same guarantee you are suggesting for the cats.....the human being works better under pressure and fear....facts of life!! with respect to boreham and marshall......tell marshall, one more loss and you are gone, tell boreham, enough is enough....you are cut!!

Hey Mikey

I could put you in the ring with Mike Tyson and tell you to give it your best effort…like 110% but me thinks you’d be in over your head. Some people can give
110% but they just are in over their heads. Kavis is certainly giving it his all but this defense has been totally confused since he’s been in charge of it. :cowboy:

oh yah…does that DeRosa’s have roast beef? that’s my favourite :thup:

I dont think Football GM,s have "love ins" with the team., but if He could bring in a good tweenerfor passing situations. and a Good safety then the D would be fine., And dont forget TiCats lost a huge piece of the offence when T. C. passed away. :expressionless:

Mike Tyson is easy!...soon as the bell sounds, walk up to him....point to the crowd and yell..........COPS!....He'll look away and you s.ucker-punch him in the nose and run like hell......that's the plan! :lol:

Hey Mikey Boy

You wouldn't be smoking any of that stuff before you get in the ring would you?

Me thinks you'd be in over your head with Sky Low Low :lol:

Oh before I forget.......I'll take mustard with my roast beef. :thup:

I would hire Mike Clemons to come in and give the team a motivational speech: he excels at that !

Then at the end of the season you can have another meeting where you can declare "you guys are the best 2-16 team in franchise history, let's all hug."
Then back to the GM's bachelor pad for quiche, non-alcoholic beer and Barry Manilow CDs.

And if I was the owner I would fire the GM's incompetent ass for treating the club like a little girl's t-ball team.

Has any pro team ever fired fans? Cause honestly... this is starting to get to that point...

Imagine, right out of a Seinfeld episode...

"You fired a fan?????"

"Damn right! Its about time we owners drew a line in the sand"

"I cant believe it! You are the envy of all owners! Incredible... Fired a fan... wow."

"Fired" is such a harsh term. Maybe giving a fan his "unconditional release" so he can catch on with another club because he's a super guy and tries really, really hard at practice.